AI and web development: How can these concepts be related?

19 Nov. 2022

Web development and AI are of high interest nowadays in the technology community. This is due to the ability of AI to raise web development to a fundamentally qualitative stage on the web and in technology. However, many people still do not connect AI with web development. In other words, entrepreneurs do not know how to integrate AI into online businesses or whether even need to. We suggest gaining a deeper understanding.


The basics  of AI

Artificial intelligence is referred to as AI in abbreviation. AI enables you to interact with a website in a way that is similar to how a human would. This includes simple tasks like picture identification as well as more difficult ones like voice assistants.

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence.”

 - Dave Waters

In this regard, machine learning can be distinguished. It involves the operation of simple algorithms that apply their knowledge by collecting a large amount of data. Also worth noting is deep learning - it involves the use of neural networks that mimic human decision-making. Although this method takes more time and cost, it has a lot of potential for software upgrades. Deep learning may be used to do a variety of tasks, including text search, fraud detection, spam detection, handwriting identification, picture search, and translation.

How may AI and web development be integrated?

In reality, we can greatly enhance the user experience and personalize the service interface with the use of AI.

AI web development

By implementing AI, you may decrease human mistake rates and create customer-focused businesses based on actual facts. Let's examine some instances of applying AI to site layout:

1. Chatbots

Your sales may be boosted. Use it for questions and customer support. The chatbot can comprehend human input and uses an algorithm to answer. The chatbot learns from each new request and develops expectations based on human responses and actions.

2. Predictive analytics.

This is what will allow AI to determine the main trends or directions for work based on the data collected. Also, predictive analytics will assist to identify vulnerabilities before difficult situations arise in practice.

3. Website personalization.

The AI ​​customizes the content it serves based on the collection of data about your target audience (geographic location, search queries and behavioural factors are taken into account).

Why is AI necessary for development?

artificial intelligence

If you have applied AI technologies to develop your company, then this will make you highly competitive. You will realize the needs of your customers as well as potential customers. Every customer will receive a customized and special offer. Will it increase loyalty to your brand? Undoubtedly yes. Is that going to boost sales? The response is obvious. Customer focus is a crucial marketing factor today. AI in web development will certainly bring your company to be as customer-oriented as possible and increase profits.

AI & Ads

It's no secret that search engine market leaders are using AI technology to provide targeted advertising that is relevant to the target audience. For this, all the data about the user that can be collected, such as search queries and digital footprint, is used. In the future, the development will also take into account factors such as time of day and geographic location of the user. Also, the advertisement will be shown to those people who the advertiser has identified as potential buyers.


How will your business benefit from AI?

  • Quality customer support
  • Personalized assistance to users
  • Increasing the efficiency of your business by optimizing your website
  • Uncover any future risks  with predictive analytics

By including AI in the web layout of your website, you can create a product that is as user- and client-focused as possible. A unique proposition is something that any user appreciates, builds trust in a brand, and can lead to a sale.

AI in web development is thus a wonderful instrument for enhancing organizational effectiveness. For top-notch web development, request the help of freelancers from the Insolvo service.

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