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29 Nov. 2022

During the day, freelancers spend quite a lot of time monitoring the task feed and sending applications. But this process can be automated using response templates.

The response template is a ready-made formulation that you send to the buyer in one click or by making minimal changes. Make templates for each type of task that you often take to work. In this article, we will tell you how to add a template, what to write in it, and what the top performers at Insolvo write in their applications.

How to add a template

When you agree to a task, there is a block called "Response Templates" on the left under the input field. All the templates you have saved are displayed there, and if they are not there yet, then there will be a button "Add template." Click on it. Give the template a clear title (for example, "rewrite," "copywriting," "translation"), and write the main text. Save the changes. Now, when responding to a task, the system will prompt you to either write an application manually or use a template.


When responding, you can activate the template and make minimal edits to it; for example, you could add some specifics about the specifics of the project. So in responding to the task "To write a text about viral diseases," it would not be superfluous to mention that you worked, for example, as a freelance journalist. Specifically for this buyer, this will be a convincing argument in your favor, but there is not much point in reporting this fact to the biography in each response.

Saved templates that you can edit, delete, or add Usually 5–10 templates are enough for comfortable work. Devote half an hour to the design of this block so that you can then send applications quickly.

What to write in the template

The maximum size of the template is 3000 characters. That is, it is technically possible to write an entire essay. However, more orders will bring you a concise template of 5-7 sentences, which the buyer will easily cover with a cursory glance.

You can't specify your contacts in the templates; you will be banned for this. You cannot advertise the services of third-party organizations or other performers. But you can give a link to your portfolio if the site does not contain contact information or feedback forms. Simply put, if you have uploaded examples of your work to cloud storage, it is acceptable, but a portfolio on social media is not acceptable.

When composing a template, you can rely on the following structure: greeting—> presentation—> examples—> communication bridge.


Greet the buyer and introduce yourself. Politeness is something that costs nothing but is highly valued.


Describe your expertise and mention relevant experience. Tell us how you can be useful to the buyer in this particular case and why you think you can do better than many other candidates.


Back up your results with concrete examples.

Communication bridge

Complete your appeal with a phrase that will prompt the buyer to take action. Some freelancers use a clarifying question for this: "In what format should I provide files to you?" This engages the buyer in communication, increasing your chances of getting the job.

Bad example

Hello. I'm taking the assignment. I will do it efficiently and on time. Write "phone number"; we will agree!

Good example

Hello. I'm Samantha. I have been working as a copywriter for 6 years. I write on almost any topic, but I especially like to work with texts about business, economics, and marketing. I have an informational style. I write commercial-selling texts. My portfolio:

Real templates from top freelancers

A little insider information for your productivity. We looked at what the top performers of the service wrote in their applications while writing this article. Adopt their best practices.

— Hello, I make custom logos, banners, and unique advertising for social networks. I also design postcards, business cards, and leaflets. Let's pick up layouts and colors together. My works can be viewed here:

— Hello, my name is..., and I've been working as an SEO copywriter for over four years.I am happy to fulfill your order! I guarantee high-quality execution in compliance with all wishes and deadlines. I work with writing texts of any subject and volume; you can see some of my work here: https://****/If you are interested in my candidacy, I am ready to proceed.

— Good afternoon, I am creating stylish landing pages, websites, and stores. I'm also setting them up. I work fast and am always in touch. I can make a website that can be hosted in the future. Example of a store (Tilda, Wix, Flexbe): https://****. Examples of websites, quizzes, and chatbots: http:/****

— Good afternoon. Transcribe (decipher, translate into text) audio and video. I have 10 years of work experience, a high typing speed, good literacy, and attention to detail. I got acquainted with the task. ready to get started!

— Good afternoon. I am ready to complete the task qualitatively. The experience of recording audio into text is there. (attentive, diligent, and responsible) Portfolio: https://***. Transcription examples: 1) https://**** 2) https://***, 3) https://***


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