How to make a cool presentation if you are not a designer. Part 2

26 Apr. 2023

Highlight important text in a different color. To focus the audience's attention on a particular phrase on the presentation slide, highlight it with a different color, italics, bold, or underscores.


There should be a lot of "air" on the slide

Do not sculpt icons and text close to each other. Your presentation should "breathe". Then it will be perceived much faster and more effectively.

Use icons to speed up the perception of information

Icons and all kinds of graphics speed up the understanding of your message. Use them in your presentation, but make sure that they are made in the same style, otherwise, the slides will look sloppy. If you take icons that are filled with color, they should all be like this. If contoured, then all must be contoured. Well, and the size, of course, should also be the same.

One slide, one image

There should be one thought and one image on one slide that fits her meaning and enhance her emotional message. If there are more images, there will be an overload effect.

Do not add unnecessary fields and logos to the presentation slides

Very often, footers with a logo, company name, phone number, address, groups in social networks, and other business information are added to presentations. I believe that in most cases, this is unjustified. These elements "eat up" space and add unnecessary noise to the slide. In addition, all this information can be placed on the final slide, and if the audience likes the presentation, be sure they will remember both the name of your company and the logo and will not even be too lazy to find you on social networks.

Each slide should attract the attention

In order for your presentation to evoke an emotional response from the audience, use relevant images and short, catchy phrases.

What should be the text in your presentation?

We have told you in detail about what the design of your presentation should be; now we turn to the content. There will be fewer tips here, but nevertheless, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them if you want your presentation to be not only beautiful but also interesting and cause a good response from your audience.

Choose a theme that inspires you

Perhaps this advice will seem banal to someone, but it is for this reason that most presentations turn out to be passable. If you are not interested in the topic you want to tell your listeners about, why take it up at all? Presentations that are made "for the show" are doomed to failure because there is no soul in them. Want to make a cool product? Choose the topic that really excites you or in which you consider yourself a cool expert.

Make up a story

Presentations that contain a story are often more effective. They involve users in the story and hold their attention throughout the speaker's speech.


Use short phrases

Bright images and short but accurate phrases are the keys to a successful presentation. Users don't want to read long texts on slides. They want a show, so you tell them interesting facts and stories in simple language, and slides complement your speech and give it additional emotionality.

Evoke emotions

If possible, joke, surprise, or shock. Don't let users get bored, even if your presentation is devoted to a boring topic. The more active your interaction with the audience is, the more effective your presentation will be, and the better results you will get from your presentation (there will be more purchases, subscriptions, likes for you as a specialist, etc.).

Read your presentation

Before showing the presentation to your potential clients, be sure to proofread it several times and make sure that there are no errors in it (or entrust it to an editor or proofreader). Of course, if one typo sneaks into your presentation, nothing terrible will happen. Most likely, users will not even pay attention to it. But if there are a lot of mistakes in your presentation, you may get the impression that you do not take your work seriously or have insufficient care, which for some specialists (for example, copywriters and editors) can be disastrous.

Add a call to action

The purpose of any presentation is to encourage the user to perform a certain target action: register for the service, buy a product, subscribe to the newsletter, take part in the next webinar, etc. If you want users to perform this action, you need to ask them about it. To do this, use the final slide. Write your call on it and invite listeners to fulfill it.


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