The company’s website and landing page trends 2023. Part 2

5 Apr. 2023

What will be the 2023 landing page trends in development, design, and content? More and more people prefer to use the Internet from a phone than from a computer. Therefore, now sites are developed first for mobile screens, and already from them, they create a desktop version — convenient for perception and navigation on large screens.


Voice search and navigation

In the USA and most EU countries, voice assistants are used about as often as text searches. Since the end of 2021, there has been an explosive growth in interest in voice navigation. So far, people like to switch tracks and send messages by voice, but it is possible that soon the opportunity to listen about the company will also be in demand. At least it will logically continue the trend to communicate with a smartphone in dialogue mode.

Visual representation of data 

Today's user is so lazy that he is not ready to move the mouse once again for the sake of understanding something that was not given to him the first time. And the desire to receive all information about the product in the format of one page is a vivid confirmation of this. We are used to scrolling through the social media feed on our phones, where we learn a few things in a couple of seconds. The same applies to websites: the more information we get with fewer movements, the better and more familiar it is.

On the part of digital marketing, it is a big mistake to let a site visitor Google some concept or term that is unclear to him and that remains incomprehensible to him from the characteristics in the site catalog. If in 2020 it was enough to give the most complete information to retain the audience, then in 2023 we will have to look for ways to present it as clearly as possible. Simple tables, lists of characteristics, and graphs are boring. Learn to present facts visually or delegate them; otherwise, people will leave the site and are unlikely to want to read into the pile of numbers and concepts.

Rejection of formalism in landing page content 

Nowadays, users are tired of the complex and confusing verbal constructions of formal language. Surveys and studies show that the average user is most willing to interact with a business whose website, corporate blog, and social networks are not overloaded with formality.

The transition to a simple language of communication through texts, videos, and audio is a logical continuation of the trend toward visibility and accessibility for the perception of everything that is posted on the Internet.

Another trend is the “open” face 

This means that the corporate website shows not just information about the company and the product but also the faces of those behind it all: the owner, the manager, and the team. Today, people buy from people, so it is extremely important to "open" faces on corporate websites.

High page loading speed 

We live in an era of fast internet and impatient users. According to research, today's user is willing to wait 1-3 seconds for the page to load. Therefore, it is essential that nothing slows down the download; otherwise, people will leave, and it will definitely not work to achieve high positions in the search results.


What will landing page promotion rely on in 2023: forecasts of SEO experts

Since we have already started talking about the impact of page loading speed, let's at the same time consider other factors that, according to experts, may become key trends in 2023.

The convenience of the page for the user is the most important factor in the successful promotion of the site. It is also called usability, meaning the convenience and ease of use of the site.

Google has been working on an algorithm that can evaluate the convenience of a page for the end user without human intervention for a long time. According to open data, three characteristics affect the convenience indicator:

1. LCP — the time of full rendering of the largest and most visible part of the content of the first screen of the site. It can be a picture, text, or video.

2. FID — response time.

3. CLS — the degree of stability of the content.

Using Schema to Structure Content

Schema markup helps Google determine the type of content on a page and issue it in response to user search queries. Beautiful snippets and the voicing of answers to questions during voice search are implemented precisely through the use of Schema.

Optimization for E-A-T (experience, credibility, reliability)

E-A-T is a relatively new metric from Google that determines the reliability of a site as a source of some information or opportunities for the end user. E-A-T is influenced by a whole list of factors, including the use of the secure HTTPS protocol, the use, and expertise of content, the age of the site, the frequency of updating content, etc.

Nativity and a comprehensive approach to SEO

Native SEO refers to the organic approach that is used to promote the site in search engine results. Search engines have developed a lot in recent years — the introduction of machine learning technologies allows them to easily identify attempts to simulate the quality and benefit of a site page. Therefore, as Google representatives write in blogs and tell at conferences, to get to the top of the search results, the site must be of high quality; the rest is not so important.

What should be the landing page trends 2023: Briefly

In 2023, the company's website should be more mobile than desktop. Today's users want pages to load quickly, display correctly on screens of different sizes, and support voice search and navigation. Search engines take into account the preferences and expectations of users when forming the output, which means that getting to the top and getting traffic from SEO without taking into account experience, credibility, and reliability (E-A-T) will definitely not work.

When developing websites, companies also need to remember the mandatory multilingualism and focus on Google in the subsequent promotion because the majority of the global audience uses this particular search engine.


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