Web design and target audience: what kind of birds are your potential customers? Part 1

19 Apr. 2023

It doesn't matter to the average user how the site is arranged—give him an attractive design and informative content. The problem is that different people have different tastes, and it will not work to please everyone. But DISC analysis will help.


So, just as people are divided into "owls" and "larks" according to their biological rhythm, your customers (the audience of the site) are divided into four main types according to their behavior:

  • The eagle represents dominance: determined, strong-willed, and straightforward
  • The parrot embodies influence: sociable, persuasive, and enthusiastic
  • The pigeon represents steadiness: calm, caring, and patient
  • Owl embodies compliance plasticity: precise, logical, and quiet

So, what kind of bird are you? And what category does your audience belong to?

First, understand who you are. Below are the main features of behavior and character of all types.


Distinctive features:

  • has an analytical mindset
  • loves research
  • usually very executive
  • in an unfamiliar situation, prefers to use instructions and tips (!)


  • data processing and analysis
  • finance


Distinctive features:

  • caring and patient
  • reliable
  • indecisive, modest
  • prone to self-criticism (!)


  • hotel business
  • patient care
  • social and charitable sphere


Distinctive features:

  • competitive and strong
  • impatient, determined
  • demanding of others
  • values reputation
  • not inclined to empathy (!)


  • management
  • large corporations (executives)
  • B2B


Distinctive features:

  • talkative, open
  • energetic
  • impulsive and emotional
  • likes to talk about himself (!)


  • retail
  • marketing
  • creative industry (graphic design)

By defining your personality type, you will be able to improve not only your website but also your lifestyle. For example, if you are a ¾ Owl and a ¼ Pigeon, you are unlikely to be willing to take risks without a clear understanding of the potential results. Although this is a completely reasonable approach, it has disadvantages: while hesitating, a person of another type (for example, an Eagle who makes decisions very quickly) will get ahead of you, and your "train" will leave. But if you know your weaknesses, you can force yourself to respond to such offers faster.

You should understand that the logical Owl inside you spends too much time assessing the situation, so you make decisions too late. However, logic can be turned in your favor: consider that risk is an integral component of success, i.e., your ultimate goal. Therefore, you can transform into an Eagle at the right moments, even though this is unusual for you in ordinary life.

Now let's try to determine the type of your target audience 

It's not difficult—it's enough to clearly understand the direction of the site that you are developing. Let's say you are making a website for a charity. So, the target audience is Pigeons and Eagles. Pigeons are the most caring, it is very easy to awaken empathy for people in them. If the resource you are developing is engaged in a truly noble cause, and you have the opportunity to place high-quality images on it that emphasizes the urgent need for help, then this will most affect Pigeons on an emotional level.

The best strategy to stimulate the target audience in this niche is to invite them to participate in a charity event. However, marketers usually use "heavy artillery" to attract people's attention and push them to take the first step—and this does not work with Pigeons. For this type of person, it is better to make the message easier—not to hang pictures of dying children struggling in death convulsions, but to focus on the real benefits their participation can bring—and give them the opportunity to feel involved in someone else's happiness.

More about Eagles

Well, everything is clear with Pigeons – they are more often "drawn" to charity by nature—but what do Eagles have to do with it? It's simple—these birds usually occupy influential positions and can afford large donations. In other words, you will have to "customize" the design of the site for Eagles as well. How do you do it? There is nothing complicated here either: people of this type are very purposeful, so you need to create the feeling that by taking part in the action, they will achieve some specific goal. If you manage to do this, then this segment of the target audience will definitely be on your hook.


If your target audience is staff and not consumers, you should keep in mind that not all social and charitable workers will turn out to be Pigeons. Moreover, Pigeons can work (and do so quite successfully) in a variety of industries. If you focus on one type of person, then this does not lock your target audience into one area of activity; it's just that the concentration of Pigeons in the charitable sphere will be very high because they often really like this work. They are interested in it, and it is easier for them to succeed in this field than for Parrots or Owls.

An example of using DISC analysis in web design: why Parrots love apples

You probably never suspected that the most striking example of web design and marketing targeting this type of person is... Apple. Yes, parrots love apples. The main essence of the marketing strategy of Jobs' company is to convey to people the idea that if they do not have the latest model of the most fashionable gadget with one button, then they "fall out" of the party and lose their significance and influence. In fact, this is a very, very smart move: if you choose the target audience of Parrots, then they will do half the work for you because this type personifies influence. They are very active in social networks; they have the most friends, and in general, word of mouth is one big parrot network!

As you can see, the design of Apple's own website directly "screams" that the new iPhone is focused on Parrots who position themselves as bright, colorful people living a full life. There is probably a Parrot among your friends—this is the one who organizes all friendly parties, is the happy owner of all the latest gadgets from Apple, and has no idea how to use them! By the way, they won't be offended at all if you tell them this right to their face—they love themselves exactly the way they are, and that's right—after all, they have no equal in the field of marketing and promotion.


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