Web design and target audience: what kind of birds are your potential customers? Part 2

19 Apr. 2023

How to chase all the hares? If you are an Eagle, then you can try to take a risk and create a product focused on our entire zoo at once—or rather, create four different design versions of the same product, "sharpened" for different categories of birds.


The logic is quite simple: since Eagles are result-oriented, they need to know briefly which of your products are the best and most popular. Owls usually know exactly what they want, so they need to be given the opportunity to "assemble" their product (add features, change color, and so on). Pigeons need to be instructed during product selection or order, so questionnaires and guidebooks are drawn for them. Well, and finally, Parrots – greedy for everything bright and unusual—need original, stylish things.

The problem is that it is very difficult for a web designer to create a product aimed at its opposite type. If you don't like what you are doing, how can you do it well? The main thing in this situation is to try to understand and accept the point of view of another type of person, and even better, to work on a project with a team consisting of different birds. So everyone will be able to create something that will attract their type of people.

Here are some simple tips on how to determine the type of your target audience and make the site attractive to them.


The best way to understand that your product is focused on Eagles is to evaluate the bounce rate (page departures) in your industry. If it is higher than usual, then there is a high probability that it is fast and impulsive Eagles that spoil your statistics (in individual cases, other factors may influence this indicator). In addition, you should never neglect this category of people, as they are often very wealthy.

How to "fit" the site design to the Eagles:

  • do not deviate from the topic
  • show them a quick result
  • respect them: the client is the king and god (and not only)
  • try not to limit or confuse them; avoid unnecessary information


Check the key traffic indicators of a specific site in your field of activity—the number of page views (the industry average) and the amount of traffic. If your potential visitors are rummaging through the site map, clicking on links, and looking for additional information, then there are probably a lot of Owls among them!

How to "fit" the site design to the Owls:

  • clearly explain all the details, and make sure that your explanations are supported by facts
  • compare yourself with your competitors and show yourself in a more favorable light
  • allow them to continue studying the topic and leave contacts for communication
  • avoid excessive pressure, familiarity, and vague vague statements


These birds can be seen from afar in real life, but it is very difficult to identify them on the web. The only way to understand that they are your target audience is to ask yourself, is your product exclusive, social, and original? If there are more positive answers than negative ones, then bet on Parrots.

How to "fit" the site design for Parrots:

  • enthusiastically talk about your product
  • give them the opportunity to express their opinion
  • focus on great graphics and minimize the number of words
  • avoid excessive attention to detail and any negativity or criticism of competitors


Does your industry suffer from a relatively low conversion rate? This is a sure sign of the presence of Pigeons among your audience. Pigeons find it difficult to make decisions themselves, so get ready to take them by the wing and lead them to the very end.

How to "fit" the site design for Pigeons:

  • Take your time! Do not dump all the information on them at once; disclose it gradually
  • Convince them that you are an expert in your field, that you can be trusted, and that you can prove it
  • Do not change the site dramatically in one day. If Pigeons come to visit you, they may not survive such a sudden change in the situation
  • Avoid pressure, bad reviews, mistakes, and any misunderstanding (regularly check all sections of the site for performance)

So, what is DISC analysis?

We have considered all categories of people and the signs by which they can be divided. This should be enough for you to understand the topic and apply the knowledge gained in practice. If you are interested, then continue to study this topic and learn even more about our bird prototypes. In fact, all large corporations (and small but smart ones, too) are well aware of DISC analysis, since it has a huge impact on our world today. The results of this analysis are not just judgments; they cannot be used to divide people into good and bad, strangers and their own; on the contrary, they emphasize that each type of person is valuable in its own way. Make it a rule to use this analysis in life, and you can increase your chances of success.

DISC analysis can be used not only for web design but also in everyday life. When applying for a job, be prepared to face a test to determine your avian personality type. As already mentioned, large corporations know perfectly well who exactly is missing in their zoo.


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