9 ideas to think over before starting a blog

10 Dec. 2022

The blog is fun, but it's also hard work. A successful blog is a collaboration of the creative process, marketing, luck, personal commitment and passion of the author.

Well... first, let's figure out how to get started.

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.

– Brian Clark

1. Blog niche

Beaten advice, of course. However, without understanding the direction of your activities and consistent and specific actions within the niche that interests you and in which you can compete, your efforts may fall behind in vain.

2. Analysis of competitors

Research the leading players in the market. You may be able to analyze their growth and development and adjust your start. You will understand the filling of the niche you are interested in. Will you be able to hook your audience? You will be able to comprehend if you can create successful content.


3. First blog post plan

To understand, then your post will be readable, and you will need to analyze it. Determine the theme and idea of your first blog. Form a query in a search engine, based on the results you will understand what has already been written, as well as how high-quality and adequate results are given. Based on this information, you will understand whether you can write something better or more exciting.

4. The blog name matters

The main criteria for the name are the semantic load, ideally, if there is a double meaning, a double bottom. Brightness, ease of remembering/writing, and reference to the blog idea are also important. Your name must be unique, that is, not previously used by anyone. A great solution is you register your name with the name of the business.


5. Create branding details for the blog

Your visual style will be based on the logo, fonts, colors and other elements that you will use to express the concept of your blog. You can do it yourself or hire a cool freelancer, for example, on Insolvo. The main thing is to do it in style and taste.

6. Register a domain name

Choose the name that represents you well. Use domain registrars; they provide you with tools to aid in choosing free domains. You will be able to make payments for the right to own and use a domain after making your choice through a domain registrar.


7. Choosing a hosting

Getting a web host is a crucial step in starting a blog. You can practically "rent" your web presence thanks to the host.

Some platforms may host your blog for free in exchange for linking their name to your website's domain.

Depending on how much speed and storage you need, web hosting can range from 50 cents to $10 per month. Although there are numerous hosting solutions available, we advise picking the best option for your needs and budget.

8. Design your website

Depending on your budget and preferences, you may either create your website from scratch or by using a template or theme. Even without prior web programming skills, you can design and create a stunning website using a no-code web builder like Blogger or WordPress. While some templates and themes are cost-free, others might range from $10 to $200.

More flexibility and adaptability are available with some web builders than others. When constructing your blog, be sure to examine the specifications of each website builder you are considering.


9. Publish your first post

It's time to upload your first blog post once you've finished building your website and are happy with how it looks and feels. Although you can input and modify information directly from your website's back end, it's best to generate your content in a different cloud-based editor, like Google Docs. In this manner, you will have a safe backup of your blog's material in the event that your website encounters any technical difficulties.

It's a good practice to preview your blog post before hitting publish to ensure that everything appears as you intended. If you wish to add or remove anything, you can always adjust it later.


Finally, it's critical to speak up about things like promoting blogs and analyzing blog analytics. This is unquestionably a crucial component of blogging that assists to monitor and enhance the result. We would like to remind you that you can hire our Freelancers at any stage in your blogging experience.

We wish you unique ideas!

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