Onboarding: Vital Aspects to Be Taken into Consideration

The act of becoming familiar with your product, whether it’s a website, an app, or something else entirely, is known as onboarding. It’s important to walk new users through the process and highlight the advantages of your product because they might not always be familiar with all of the features.

12 Feb. 2024
Neural network will simplify your work

In this article, we will look at the variety of the latest neural networks that can not only write text but also generate codes and draw illustrations.

29 Mar. 2023
The adaptive layout or mobile version: pros and cons. Part 2

Mobile version and adaptive layout for your website – their advantages and disadvantages, what is the difference, and what to choose.

28 Mar. 2023
The adaptive layout or mobile version: pros and cons. Part 1

Mobile version or adaptive layout: In simple words about how they differ – and what your site needs more. In our article today, we discuss this.

28 Mar. 2023
Site analysis: usability. Part 2

In this part of the article, we will continue the conversation about usability, focusing in particular on color and text solutions.

28 Feb. 2023
Site analysis: usability. Part 1

Most clients come for information, but if they can’t find it, they’ll go elsewhere. Let’s look at what usability problems exist and how to solve them.

28 Feb. 2023
End-to-end analytics: a tool for evaluating the effectiveness of internet marketing

The lack of end-to-end analytics is due to insufficient knowledge about it. Here we will explain the benefits of end-to-end analytics and how to configure it.

8 Feb. 2023
The vital role of a website in determining the fate of a start-up

Having a website is crucial for the future of a start-up business. This article discusses the advantages of having a website, such as building credibility, expanding reach, and providing a platform for eCommerce.

2 Feb. 2023
Optimizing the homepage and landing page for success

Discover the difference between a homepage and a landing page and how they work together to optimize your website for success. Learn how to create a strong first impression with your homepage and turn visitors into leads with effective landing pages. Get tips for designing and tracking conversions.

31 Jan. 2023
No-code application: a growing force in the IT development

No-code application development gives companies an opportunity to meet the expanding demands of a constantly changing sector. In this article, we are diving into no-code app development and its impact on the app development world

30 Jan. 2023

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