2024 SERM: Best Trends in Search Engine Reputation Management

In this article, we will talk about new trend in SERM and engine marketing that will become the leaders of relevance in 2024. Read it and use it in your work.

7 May. 2024
How to identify the target audience on social networks in 30 minutes: a ready-made brief

You’ll not be able to set up advertising unless you know who your target audience is. Understanding your target audience is crucial for creating relevant and effective marketing campaigns that resonate with potential customers.

14 Mar. 2024
How To Manage Our Reputation Through Communication With Clients

Reputation is a complex phenomenon that is formed under the influence of a huge number of factors. So, how you communicate with the client is important.

9 Jan. 2024
WhatsApp for the business: how to increase customer flow with the messenger

Learn how to use WhatsApp to improve communication with clients, increase revenue, and automate your beauty business. From booking appointments to sending promotions, discover the advantages of using WhatsApp over other messaging options.

20 Apr. 2023
The company’s website and landing page trends 2023. Part 1

As part of the article, we will figure out: who needs a site, how to evaluate the effectiveness of the landing page, and which trends will be essential in 2023.

5 Apr. 2023
Tell about yourself correctly: working with brand history

Why is it OK to share the story of your brand? How do you go about doing this such that client relationships develop properly? We’ll discuss that in our article

15 Mar. 2023
How do you develop a Tone of Voice for a brand? Part 2

If you don’t know your clients, it’s hard to communicate with them. It is important to research your audience before developing Tone of Voice for your brand.

8 Mar. 2023
How do you develop a Tone of Voice for a brand? Part 1

Tone of Voice refers to the tone and style with which a brand communicates to its target audience. Let’s look at what you’ll need to create your Tone of Voice.

8 Mar. 2023
Audit of email letters

Despite the variety of marketing tools, email letters are the most popular tactic for client interactions. Let’s see what metrics make auditing mailings doable.

14 Feb. 2023
Measuring the immeasurable: indicators for tools that are hard to count

Marketing, advertising, analytics, PR, and others are linked to numerical indicators. Let’s figure out how to determine the effectiveness of these tools.

14 Feb. 2023

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