WhatsApp for the business: how to increase customer flow with the messenger

20 Apr. 2023

In order to increase revenue, it is important to stay in contact with your audience, including warming up leads, reminding them of scheduled appointments, collecting feedback, and informing them of promotions. This can be done through SMS, email, or WhatsApp messaging.


Messaging through WhatsApp advantages

For example, email messages have a much lower open rate at only 21%, compared to 90% on WhatsApp. Users often delete email messages without even reading them, and they are not as responsive to email as they are to messages on WhatsApp.

SMS messaging has even more limitations, such as the inability to send photos, videos, files, or chat with clients without losing chat history. In addition, SMS messages can be very expensive, with charges for every 160 Latin characters. If you go over the limit, you will have to pay for multiple messages to each recipient. In contrast, WhatsApp charges only for opening a 24-hour chat window, with no limit on the number of messages you can send to a client during that time.

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers in a personalized and efficient way.

- Forbes

To send mass messages or connect a chatbot on WhatsApp, you need to use the WhatsApp Business API. This business solution also allows multiple managers to work on one account and can be integrated with a CRM system.

For businesses, using WhatsApp involves automatically receiving a client's phone number and name when they communicate with you through the messaging platform. You can use this contact information to launch a chatbot or send mass messages, chat with the client, make phone calls, and set up cross-channel analytics.

There are different mechanics for each stage of the client relationship, from the initial contact and scheduling of services to collecting feedback and sending promotions, all of which can be used through WhatsApp. By utilizing WhatsApp, beauty businesses can improve communication with clients and increase revenue.

WhatsApp Business API

Automate booking with WhatApp

Automate service booking for your beauty business, massage, or barber shop through messaging apps, which are more convenient for clients than phone calls, increasing the flow of customers to your establishment.

Add a chat widget to your website, allowing clients to send a message to WhatsApp. To avoid missing anyone and respond to all clients, integrate the messaging app with your CRM system or messaging marketing platform.

An even more automated way to relieve staff is through chatbots for booking. This allows clients to book at their own convenience without waiting for an operator's response.

Save money on missed appointments by sending reminders. A recommended reminder schedule includes messages right after booking, one day before the appointment, and 2-3 hours before the visit. Include the service, exact time, business address, and the name of the specialist in the reminder.

With the rise of mobile usage and messaging apps, businesses that embrace WhatsApp as a customer communication channel can stay ahead of the game.

 Business 2 Community

If you use SMS reminders, you will pay for each message, but using WhatsApp, you pay only for opening the 24-hour chat window. This makes the 2-3 hour reminder before the visit free.

Promote special offers and events to loyal clients through WhatsApp to stand out from email promotions.
Delegate routine questions to a chatbot, which qualifies clients by service type, consults them, and answers frequently asked questions, saving time and human resources.

Encourage clients to book services in advance, especially before holidays, using WhatsApp and CRM integration. This demonstrates your care for clients and improves their loyalty to your business.

Boost your sales by announcing available booking slots

When a slot becomes available, it is crucial for the business to quickly attract another customer to avoid downtime and losing money. Email reminders are not suitable in this situation as the email may not be opened for a week. WhatsApp messages can include an interactive button for booking or a link that leads to the business's website for booking. While text reminders can include a link, they cannot have an interactive button or allow customers to book by replying to the message like in a messaging app. Customers prefer businesses that are easy to communicate with.

For example, you can create a chatbot with a quiz that, when completed, will reward the user with a discount coupon for your business. Even if you don't get a new customer right away, you'll have a new contact in your database for further engagement.

Collect feedback

Ask customers to rate your service overall, a specific service, or the product. Sending a review directly to you in WhatsApp is faster and easier for the customer than going to your website or app to find your business. This is convenient for both the customer and you. If any issues are identified, you can quickly address them and turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one.

In summary, the beauty industry can use WhatsApp without any significant restrictions. You can:

  • book, reschedule, or cancel appointments;
  • remind customers of their appointments or the need to book in advance;
  • advertise your services and specials;
  • remind customers of periodic services;
  • announce available booking slots;
  • collect feedback;
  • attract and engage subscribers using quizzes, games, and useful materials;
  • answer frequently asked questions, freeing up your administrator.

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