Top 5 business myths that need to be debunked

30 Nov. 2022

Small business: there are two opposing views about it. Some believe that people who start small businesses are doomed to failure. Others, on the other hand, believe that launching a small business is effortless.

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There are some illusions regarding small businesses, according to entrepreneurs who have already founded their businesses. Let's analyze which facts proved to be just business myths and use their great knowledge for our own profit.

Have fancy gadgets at hand

When you start your own business, you can face many challenges: from finding the perfect business idea, and non-trivial marketing solutions to hitting the target audience and so on. Thinking about it, and learning about fashion trends, you can be seduced by the illusion that fancy gadgets will help you. That they are the key to your success.


Let's debunk the myth - you don't need fancy equipment to launch a successful business. But what is really needed is a unique idea and a burning desire to bring it to life, working with all your passion and energy. For most projects, a laptop, high-speed internet, and a printer are enough to get you started. Here exceptions are ideas that are based directly on gadgets. The rest is the desire and determination of the entrepreneur.

Business must be perfect from the beginning

This is the most common myth. Before beginning your own business, many people make mistakes. Some people are concerned that their company strategy is weak, others that they have no dream team, and yet others worry that they do not comprehend promotion.

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However, a long journey begins with the first small step. The ideal quality for any small business is flexibility, that is, there should always be room and opportunity for improvement.

“Everything was real, not perfect. And yet that's what had made it so perfect.”

— Sarah Winman

You must be multiskilled

Here's another trap that perfectionist entrepreneurs fall into. The truth is, to be successful you don't need to be an expert in everything from the very beginning. However, in fairness, we add that successful businessman are those people who are constantly learning and open to something new. They are ready to grow with their business and adapt to modern reality.


Focus on the details, be engaged and ready to work productively. When a strategy of action is built in your head, you will understand exactly what skills you need to develop. Three important aspects are worthy of your attention:

  1. Development area
  2. Source where you get information
  3. Feedback

A business plan must be ideal

There is no need for proof to demonstrate how valuable business plans are for small enterprises. Obviously, this will assist in identifying the primary aims and objectives and in creating a plan of action for your upcoming actions. However, it is misleading to say that your company's strategy needs to be meticulously calibrated and calculated.


Instead of concentrating on how perfect it is, make sure it is brief, direct, and demonstrates how to get there. The key is to keep your attention on your goals and the practical action plans to reach them.

Money is everything

There is such a myth that the bottom line for a business is income. This is a total delusion. So real income will bring only that business that is not built on the idea of ​​making profits. It should be based on the desire to satisfy the customer's needs.

“Money is a great servant but a bad master.”

— Francis Bacon

If the client is satisfied with the product or service, he can not only return it again but also recommend you to others. An excellent reputation is the best engine for a profitable business.

In conclusion, let us give you a couple of friendly tips

Do not neglect your rest and your health! Yes, it is essential to work passionately and with full dedication to the mission. However, getting proper rest is highly vital because it lowers your stress levels. Being physically active and getting enough sleep is crucial for a successful businessperson. The result of a rested organism is creativity, productivity, and thoughtful decisions.

dream team

Don't forget about delegation. Yes, starting a business requires special attention to all aspects. However, it is important to be able to find the right people in the team that you can rely on. Otherwise, burnout is just around the corner! It's good to be able to do everything yourself, but it can be not easy without help. Use Insolvo to find a freelancer for various tasks of your small business.

Therefore, launching a small business is not for the timid. Nevertheless, we advise ignoring business myths because your job will undoubtedly be rewarding and beneficial. We believe in you, so follow your dream! You will feel immense happiness and pride in your job.


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