Copywriting types that help your business grow

23 Nov. 2022

The term "copywriting" today refers to any message that a company sends to its existing and prospective clients in order to build its reputation and market worth.

Keeping this definition in mind, you cannot underestimate the importance of a good copy. Newsletters, emails, social media posts, websites, sales pages - you name it - that’s what helps your business grow.

5 copywriting types for business owners

Persuasive copy allows you to:

  • Create deeper connections with your audience and increase brand loyalty.
  • Impact on how your brand is portrayed for both your consumers and staff.
  • Motivate customers to act and boost your sales.
  • Increase brand presence across different channels.
  • Make your company stand out against the competitors in the market.

As you can see, there are several goals that may be achieved through copywriting. Let's look at different kinds of copywriting you should focus on when developing your marketing strategy.

Brand Copy

The primary goal of brand copywriting, or brand messaging, is to shape your business's distinctive story. Brand writing makes your company's basic values and objectives more recognizable. Both internal and external copywriting are used to build brands. Internal brand copywriting expresses core brand principles such as your mission, vision, and values. Your slogan, the content of your website, and advertising are all examples of external branding copy.

5 copywriting types for business owners

Marketing Copy

Social media platforms, websites, and emails - all of these require marketing copy, which should be unique and appropriate as you are communicating with different types of users. For example, the overall idea of crafting social media copy is to build a recognizable voice, which frequently involves the use of emojis and quirky punctuation. A well-thought-out marketing copywriting strategy allows your business to interact with your target audiences in specific ways across a variety of touchpoints.

Advertising Copy

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.

Howard Gossage

Advertising copy also requires a great knowledge of the audiences you are most likely to reach through your ads. Businesses today have a wide range of advertising options, including social media ads, internet ads, TV commercials, print ads, and radio ads, to mention a few. Some need brevity to capture customers' attention, while others allow you to describe the brand's products in a more narrative manner.

Sales Copy

The goal of marketing and advertising copywriting is to attract customers, whereas sales copywriting motivates them to buy your products by articulating the key benefits of your brand and how it differs from competitors. Generally, it is simpler, outlining precisely why the brand would be valuable to the target audience.

5 copywriting types for business owners

Technical Copy

The goal of technical copywriting is to describe the peculiarities of highly technological products, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and medical gadgets. It is used to create content such as white papers and sales sheets that describe their benefits and functions in a comprehensible manner.

Since technical copy is written with a variety of users in mind, the copywriter must have a thorough grasp of the technology in issue. It might be aimed at a general audience or at professional users who are knowledgeable in the industry's terminology.

How to get a good copy?

If you want to get amazing results with copywriting for your business, a skilled writer might make the difference. Although lots of business owners feel frustrated facing the need to hire a copywriter. Looking through freelancers’ gigs, it’s pretty hard to figure out whether they’ll be the right fit for you. Remember that your copywriter must use words and imagery that reflect who you are, your beliefs, and the quality of your product

5 copywriting types for business owners

A good copywriter should have the following characteristics:

  • a thorough understanding of your industry. (Ask for samples of their work!)
  • can effortlessly match your tone of voice.
  • pays attention and asks critical questions.
  • an ability to meet your marketing and commercial needs.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a copywriter today!


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