4 basic social media ads you need to use in 2022

10 Nov. 2022

Advertising via social media is one of the most efficient and successful ways to interact with your target audience. If your brand is not represented on social media, it becomes invisible to a great part of your target audience.

However, it's crucial to develop your ad keeping in mind the bigger picture - your project goals. This will influence the channels you choose and the kind of social media promotion you use since each has benefits and drawbacks to take into account.

For you to determine the perfect match, we looked at the four most significant ones.

Upgrade your social media ads strategy using these 4 optimal forms

Video ads

Video content is expected to be one of the fastest rising trends in 2022. Video ads are no exception. When compared to static image commercials, video ads frequently generate greater interaction, more clicks, and are simply more successful at retaining viewers' attention. No wonder that social media sites like Instagram and Facebook urge users to share more video content.

Using video ads, you can:

  • Create an intriguing series of videos (with plot twists or an unexpected ending) and make your viewers crave for the next one!
  • Use catchy music that will play in the audience's heads all day long.
  • Create a more emotional connection through honest interviews with buyers.
  • Use animations or stop-motion films to demonstrate the processes related to your brand.

No commercial should be created without first doing an in-depth research to establish the main preferences of your intended audience. It means that before you create a video ad, consider the platforms and devices on which your target audience will view it.

Upgrade your social media ads strategy using these 4 optimal forms

If your audience prefers TikTok, the style and timeframe of your video will be different from the format you’ll choose for an audience that watches more Youtube content. In terms of devices, keep in mind that if your video is more likely to be seen on a smartphone rather than a laptop, the viewer may likely skip some visual aspects if you include too many in one shot.

Keep in mind that various platforms may accept only certain video ad formats and may have different video length restrictions (for instance, 120 seconds for Instagram videos vs. 240 seconds for video ads in Facebook Messenger).

Static image ads

Compared to video commercials, static image ads may look a little stale or out of date. There is no sound or movement, just a plain picture. However, there are plenty of creative methods to add interest and engagement to your static image advertisements. Using an image carousel is one of them. Using a series of images, you can:

  • demonstrate all the possible applications of your product to potential customers.
  • display different models or designs of the goods you sell.
  • create a story that will encourage viewers to keep swiping until they reach the last picture.

Although it may appear obvious, keep in mind that the image itself should be appealing and of the highest possible quality for image ads. Make sure that photography and graphic design are done by professionals.

Another tip is to fill in the alt text. Describe the image using precise but vivid language. This makes your content accessible to users with visual impairments. And as a bonus - alt text is SEO friendly.

Text ads

A text ad is a more traditional type of advertising. A strong copy, on the other hand, can bring you a long way. Here are some tips:

  • Text adverts should be short and to the point. They must hook you with an incredible offer right away. On microblogging sites like Twitter, this is especially important.
  • Pay attention to the font. Double-check that it reflects your brand.
Upgrade your social media ads strategy using these 4 optimal forms

Interactive ads

In 2022, the users got so used to advertising that they developed “banner blindness”. Many of them try to skip ads as quickly as possible or tend to ignore them completely. This urges businesses to discover fresh, creative methods to catch consumers' attention. Interactive advertising allows you to turn the ad into an "experience." Also, it’s a great way for the brand to communicate with consumers directly. 

This type of ad requires some kind of action from the users: take part in the game or survey, vote in a poll, or submit their own photo. Here you can let your creativity flow!

Interactive ads provide several advantages since they are typically more enjoyable and user-focused:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Bring more leads
  • Increase sales
  • Learn about your customers
  • Urge users to share more of your content
Upgrade your social media ads strategy using these 4 optimal forms

In conclusion

Advertising on social media might seem like a lot of work - it requires time, knowledge and effort! Insolvo freelancers might help you if you're feeling overwhelmed.


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