Adaptive web design: How important is it to pay attention to this?

11 Nov. 2022

Adaptive web design, what is it? We suppose that you have surely come across cases where you have to zoom in on text on a website when browsing it on a phone in order to read it or switch to the widescreen mode in order to scroll the page. All of this happened as a result of the developers' ignorance of adaptive web design, which means that the website is not optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

For the convenience of users, you can hire professionals who adapt the website to the size of the screens of any gadget from which the page is viewed. There is no question that you can hire a freelancer on Insolvo.


What is adaptive web design?

Let's take a closer look. Adaptive web design, or AWD for short, is a method of developing a website designed for the comfort and convenience of the user. It provides free browsing of the website from any device: tablet, smartphone, laptop, it doesn't matter.

The idea is to develop several versions of the website and each of them must be optimized for a specific screen size. The website automatically reads the screen size and displays the correct version.

wes design

Let’s compare adaptive and responsive web design

In essence, these are two techniques for solving an identical problem. The ultimate aim of both adaptive web design and responsive web design is to optimize the website for all kinds of browsers and gadgets. 

The adaptive web design technique involves creating a flexible layout that adapts to the width of the screen from which the website is being viewed. This would be achieved due to the fact that the website is divided into columns. According to the size of the screen, information will be restructured.

The responsive web design approach is to use a static layout. Width changes are made to the page by design based on the percentage width in pixels. This enables the responsive design to fit any browser and gadget size, but some content needs to be hidden when needed.

What are your risks?

“Action is the foundational key to all success. ”

― Pablo Picasso

Let's understand what risks the website owner will have if he does not hire a developer who can create an adaptive web design.

  • The user will not be able to view the content in an appropriate format. So a horizontal format is suitable for a laptop, and a vertical format for a smartphone.
  • The user has a negative experience because he cannot follow the links due to problems with the extension.
  • The user will not be able to find the required information due to problems with the number of options, which will not lead to a future sale from the website.

 Adaptive web design pros and cons

Let's start with the bad news - the price. It suggests professional and time-consuming work to develop a quality adaptive web design. There may be an additional amount of workload that you didn’t count on at the beginning. But this is perhaps the only con, as in the long run, everything will pay off. Website users will estimate your customer-focused approach and will perceive your product with greater loyalty.


Moreover, your potential clients and site visitors will be persons with different gadgets. They will certainly be able to perceive the content provided on an optimized website.

You don't have to give up any content details. All information will be available for viewing.

The ability to incorporate components like menus and picture galleries that are optimized for viewing on larger displays simply means that people who access your website from smaller devices won't be stopped by these things either, which is another advantage. Additionally, this makes things simpler for people with little bandwidth. If users access the site over cellular data rather than WiFi, there won't be any issues with the website loading slowly as long as all information loads appropriately.

Because of this, you want to think about utilizing adaptive web design. Use the adaptive technique to ensure that your website loads swiftly and effectively while adjusting to the client's browser. It will help lower your bounce rate.

adaptive web design

Use adaptive web design for your website to ensure that you don't lose out on potential customers. While you're considering, your competitors are completely using the situation. Post a Task on Insolvo, and you will identify a Freelancer who is perfect for you.

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