The brand message: An essential part of your marketing plan

16 Nov. 2022

The brand message, let's find out the meaning? Every charismatic person, whose opinion you trust, has his own remarkable voice and manner of information presentation. So your brand, if you want to be successful, must also have its own style of interaction and a specific message. It lies in your words when communicating with clients, what values ​​you convey, what you promise to potential clients and how you want to sell your products/services.

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”

— Beth Comstock

In addition to the personal contact with clients, the first thing that attracts attention is the advertising slogan and promotional offer. Brand messages should be concise, informative, and convey the main message. The peculiarity of such statements is a deliberate simplification. The purpose of the brand messages is to settle in the client's subconscious, to be the essence of meaning, and to leave all details between the lines.

The core marketing message

What is the superpower of the core marketing messages of the main market leaders? Of course, in fact, with their motto, they do not manifest the desire to sell a product, but a unique attitude towards what the brand creates. This message conveys defining values ​​and key differentiators. This slogan should definitely resonate with your target audience, be short and to the point!


The advertising slogan should be harmoniously inscribed in conjunction with the main message of the brand. Also, it should describe those aspects of the advertised product that are important to the loyalty of your customers.

Secrets of brand message making

A professional specialist who will create a slogan for you should definitely meet different needs:

  • express the slogan in such a manner as to successfully stand out from the competition and not lose individuality
  • touch the sphere of activity where the brand is developing in a creative manner
  • appeal to the target audience
  •  include keywords and key features of the product
brand message

Note, if you use several short brand messages the common sense and plot line must be recognizable. It must be a connected story that can have two meanings: direct and hidden. This will make your brand more entertaining to potential customers and increase loyalty. Such creative activity is not as easy as it seems, but in our Insolvo service, you will find a freelancer who can help you.

Test your brand messages

To determine how accurately your brand messages hit their target, and how vividly and clearly they convey your key message, you need to do a little testing. Ask a few simple questions and answer them honestly.

  • Is your brand message directed at your target audience? What new information do they broadcast, and what response do they find?
  • Is your message urgent? Does it have a connection with reality? It should be something that your potential customers believe in and experience in their daily lives.
  • What is your variance from competitors? Does your message describe your strengths?
  • How clear and simple a language do you use?

Bring your brand to the marketplace

It is important to note that the purpose of a thoughtful brand message is not only to increase the level of advertising and marketing. There is another goal here - to increase sales. It is also important here to develop algorithms for dealing with various objections. It will be necessary to keep in mind the main categories of the target audience.

maerketing strategy

What is important to do? Make a list of questions and answers. Answer potential inquiries about the benefits of your brand over others. Also, don't forget that potential customers may have had adverse experiences with other brands. Your response to such a request must clearly and truthfully state why they are not facing such a problem, trusting your core brand message and key messages as well.

The ideal answer to any objection will be an example from practice, the real proof of your competence. In addition, this will certainly increase the credibility of your brand. When creating responses, meet the expectations of your customers.

Do not neglect this stage of marketing. Brand messages form the voice and face of your company. It gives reasons for using your product. Through the formation of clear brand messages, the user realizes who he is dealing with, what approach the brand has to business, and how much it can be trusted.

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