How to use the DISC in marketing

19 Dec. 2022

The DISC behavioural model is well-liked by both big and small businesses, recruiters, and individuals. But nowadays, marketing specialists have started actively utilizing these psychometric tests to meet their sales goals.


Some  information about the DISC

The DISC divides people into 4 types according to the style of behaviour. The initials of the basic attribute present in the representative of the type — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness—were used to create the name of this psychometric test.

Don't you think everything is just like at Hogwarts' Houses?

DISC strategy
  1. Representatives of the Dominance type are demanding, self-confident and result-oriented people. These are broad-minded individuals, who are well-informed and capable of solving a wide range of issues.
  2. Representatives of the Influence type - energetic and sociable people. They like to influence other people, to convince them of their position. They appreciate these qualities in others.
  3. Representatives of the Steadiness type are patient, measured, empathic people. They prefer to work in a team, and highly value honesty between themselves and those around them.
  4. Representatives of the Conscientiousness type are independent, detail-oriented people who value rules. They value accuracy and reliability in others.

When assessing which type of DISC an individual belongs to, two are usually distinguished. Thus, "16 types of DISC" are formed.

How DISC can help you

Now let's try to determine the type of your target audience. It is not difficult - it is enough to clearly understand the direction of the site that you are developing, and what services you offer.

Dominance type 

The best way to understand that your product is targeting the Dominance type is to evaluate the bounce rate (leaves from the page) in your industry. If it is higher than usual, then there is a high probability that it is fast and impulsive Dominance individuals spoil your statistics (in individual cases, this indicator may influence by other factors). In addition, you should never neglect this category of people, as they are often very wealthy.


To-do list

  • Don't divert from the subject, and provide them with quick results.
  • Respect them: They are your clients, so they are always right.
  • Avoid limiting or confusing them and do not provide unnecessary information.

Influence type

Check out the key traffic metrics for a typical site in your industry – page views (industry average) and traffic. If your potential visitors are digging through the sitemap, clicking on links and looking for additional information, then there are probably many representatives of the Influence type among them!


To-do list

  • Make careful to fully explain all the specifics and to support your claims with facts
  • Compare yourself to competitors, and present yourself positively so they may continue 
  • Researching the subject and providing contact information for further correspondence
  • Avert excessive pressure, familiarity, and generalized, non-specific remarks.

Steadiness type

The representatives of the Steadiness type can be seen from afar in real life, but are very difficult to identify online. The only way to understand that they are your target audience is to ask yourself if your product is exclusive, social and original. If there are more positive answers than negative ones, then bet on the Steadiness.


To-do list

  • Talk passionately about your product
  • Give them the opportunity to express their opinion
  • Keep the text content to a minimum and concentrate on great graphics
  • Avoid being overly meticulous, negative comments, and competition critiques

 Conscientiousness type

Is your company is suffering from a relatively low conversion rate? This is a sure sign that representatives of the Conscientiousness type are present in your audience. It is difficult for them to make decisions on their own, so get ready to take them by hand and lead your customer to the very end/sale.


To-do list

  • Do not hurry! Don't dump all the information on them at once, reveal it gradually
  • Convince them you are an expert in your field, that you can be trusted, and that you can prove it.
  • Do not radically change the site in one day. If representatives of the Conscientiousness type come to visit you, they may not survive such a drastic change of scenery.
  • Avoid pressure, negative reviews, mistakes and any miscommunication (regularly check all sections of the site for functionality)

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