Brand mascot: a superhero that will save the day

14 Dec. 2022

The development of a brand mascot is one of the critical components of branding. This character embodies your company's values. To understand it, think of it as an actor who portrays your brand in all company’s materials and communication processes.

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What is a brand mascot? 

Your company's personality is reflected in your brand mascot. It should be seen in everything you do, from your marketing materials to the way you handle customers’ inquiries. It's how you want people to view your company. 

Your brand hero should be consistent across all platforms and specific to your business. You need to avoid generic characters because they will be unmemorable. You won't be able to attract anyone’s attention with a dull black-and-white mascot.

Consider it as the actor portraying your business. They should personify all the ideals and characteristics that you want your customers to see in their minds when they hear the name of your brand. 

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Brand mascot vs. Brand Personality

Being able to distinguish your brand mascot from your brand personality is crucial. While a brand mascot is a particular character that you develop to represent your brand, a brand personality is more of a general tone of your company. 

Your brand personality must be represented perfectly by the mascot you've created for it. They should have the same principles and qualities as your brand. However, make sure they are unique in their own way as well.

A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.

Stephen King

Your brand mascot personality

First, you should define the characteristics that your brand representative must have. Some examples of such traits—which will be particular to your business—include 

•       Friendliness. Your brand mascot must draw an audience and make them desire to engage with your character.

•       Trustworthiness. People should have confidence in your brand’s personality. They should believe your mascot provides truthful information only.

•       Expertise. Your brand should be represented by a subject-matter authority. They must be a resource that people can turn to for direction and advice. 

•       Enthusiasm. Your brand mascot should be passionate about the goods or services they promote. In their encounters with consumers, they should demonstrate their enthusiasm and energy.

These are some examples of the characteristics your brand mascot might have. It's vital to select characteristics that are valuable to your business and those you want customers to identify with your brand.

Creating your company's brand mascot

Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind.

Walter Landor

The process of making a brand mascot can be exciting and fulfilling. It enables you to reflect deeply on your brand's distinctive qualities and desired personality. Additionally, it's a fantastic method to involve your team in the branding process.

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There are a few important questions you can ask yourself to help determine your brand identity if you're not sure where to begin.

• What values does my brand uphold? 

• What personality traits does my brand have? 

• How do I want my target market to see my brand? 

• What emotions do I want my customers to experience as they engage with my brand? 

You'll gain a better sense of the kind of mascot you should develop for your brand by responding to these questions.

1. Decide what values your mascot should embody

Your next step is to determine what principles you want your character to defend. These have to be directly connected to your business values and personality. After settling on them, consider what mascot would serve as the best ambassador for your business.

2. Design your hero

You'll have to exercise your creative side here. To express the personality of your brand mascot, you can use images, animations, or even illustrations. The essential factor here is that they stand out visually and are easily recognised.

Brand mascot 4

3. Don’t forget to show off your brand mascot 

All of your marketing and advertising materials should contain the character you came up with. They have to be prominently displayed on your website, social media, and printed materials. 

Ensure that every member of your staff is familiar with your brand mascot and add it consistently across all platforms.

If you have any difficulties, our freelancers are always here to help you.

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