Ready to update? Learn how to rebrand efficiently

3 Nov. 2022

Look at the world! The pace of change is incredible. Your brand just cannot afford to stay the same forever. Time to rebrand!

Rebrand 1: a car going at a great speed, the landscape is changing rapidly. Your brand should change too

Rebranding can include anything from a new logo to rethinking the whole concept. Even though it seems scary, it is worthwhile. 

Here are 7 steps that will help you rebrand painlessly:

1. Hire rebranding specialists

The first thing to do is to find qualified experts such as designers, advertising strategists, and copywriters. 

Rebrand 2: rebranding team working together on the new concept of the brand

The question here is whether you should give the job to your staff members or it would be wiser to delegate it to freelancers.

Yes, your employees learned your brand by heart, but sometimes it’s better to have exactly the opposite – someone who will look at your business from a fresh angle. 

2. Discover what causes the problems

The task is to determine which parts of the brand are no longer effective. 

The components to be examined are 

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Colours used
  • Slogan
  • Web design
  • Website usability 
  • Advertising strategy
  • Social media and blog materials

3. Ask your target audience 

At this point, it’s preferable to learn even more from the most crucial source – your primary audience. 

Rebrand 3: a woman answers questions about a brand's target market

Depending on your budget, your team can organize comprehensive research or just ask potential clients to complete a survey online for a bonus.

If you are unsure of what your target market is, it is advised to do further tests aimed at determining the customer groups most interested in your goods or services. Your team need to know precisely where to focus their efforts.

4. Examine your rivals’ strategies

It’s always advantageous to check the methods your business rivals are using to promote their brands. It may save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Examine your opponent’s branding strategy and you will see what you should copy and what is to be avoided at all costs if you don’t want to harm your brand. For example, it’s pivotal to consider the fact that another company’s sales fell dramatically when they selected a dark colour palette for their product.

Learning from others’ successes and mistakes is even more important when you own a small company with a tight marketing budget. As there’s a big chance of something going wrong, observing the outcomes of other people’s ad campaigns is much more beneficial than testing all the ideas yourself. 

5. Reconsider the concept of your brand 

So, by now you know your weak points, your target market's wishes and your competition tactics. It’s time to look at your business concept. 

Rebrand 4: a mind map with future rebranding ideas

You should use all the information you got and reinvent your brand. What’s your brand’s better self? What do your customers need most? What will attract even more people? 

You may imagine your brand as a friend. What would they be like?  Relaxed and easy-going, always looking for a good time? Or smart and ambitious, always looking to improve and succeed?  Choose the exact adjectives and make everyone involved keep them in mind while brainstorming. 

6. Start the transformation 

It is finally time for you to take active action: order a new logo, make changes to your website design, contact influencers for cooperation, adapt your advertising campaign settings, etc. 

And if you require quick and professional assistance, you can always address the Insolvo freelancers, personally chosen for each of your tasks by the specially trained AI. 

7. Show off your rebrand  

When you are completely satisfied with the result, present your new brand to the market. 

The launch campaign should be as big as it was the first time. People must be aware of your brand’s new concept and all the changes.

Rebrand 5: target audience will try to catch your new rebranded product like a dog trying to catch a ball

Get your audience excited by dropping teasers, getting people to participate in a giveaway and inviting them to other rebranding events. Popular influencers are especially useful at this point. 

Have you finished all the steps? 

Congratulations! You did it. Your brand is reborn. 

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