How to get the most out of working with your logo designer

9 Nov. 2022

A professionally created logo can reveal a lot about your brand. And not only should it include your corporate colors or key shapes, but it should reflect the main values of your company and allow you to stand out in your niche. It might take a lot of time, patience, research, and work before the logo makes the final cut.

Here are a few suggestions on how to design your logo faster and more efficiently while still creating the greatest possible logo.

How to hire a logo designer

1. Figure out your goals.

The key to successful logo design is figuring out your goals and milestones before starting a logo design project. The easiest way is to write everything down: fundamentals like the company name and slogan, your target audience, specific color shades you want to use, goals that you’re trying to accomplish as a business, logo type and style and (of course) your budget. All of these will influence the final look of your logo. Knowing your expectations beforehand will make the process of creating a logo much smoother.

2. Sketch first.

The first step helps a logo designer and a buyer summarize all the significant details and ideas about the future logo. Now it’s time for some rough sketches. Your logo sketch doesn’t need to be perfectly drawn, you just need to boost the creative process. Also, brainstorming on paper is usually quicker and more productive than doing a digital reference.

How to hire a logo designer

3. Hidden meaning within your logo.

Logo design is about showing who you are as a brand. What is the essence of your brand? What are your key features? Your logo is a perfect way to express them visually. The symbols don’t have to be obvious. Sometimes it is even better when a viewer can’t discover the hidden meaning on the first look. A good example is the Sony Vaio logo. The first two letters here look like a wave symbolizing an analog signal, and the last two resemble 1 and 0, symbolizing a digital signal.

Vaio logo hidden meaning - How to hire a logo designer

4. Less is more.

It is crucially important in logo design not to go into over-designing. Even though a logo should say a lot about your brand, try to keep it clean and straightforward. Stick to the simple forms and typography, use the negative space wisely - simple logos tend to be more memorable. Since customers may find it more difficult to recall your logo if it is overly complicated and contains numerous graphic components.

5. Think about the size of your logo.

While designing your perfect logo, don’t forget about its practical use. It might look good as a sketch or on the laptop screen, but what about the other ways you are going to use it? Try to remember as many as possible - business cards, social media, packaging, or signboards - your logo should look good in various sizes. 

You might even end up needing a secondary logo (or even multiple logos!). A good logo designer will come up with several logo variations that will work best for you.

How to hire a logo designer

6. Make sure your logo is original.

Ownership and originality are both essential components of the creative process. Check carefully for any similarities with other brands’ logos. Asking yourself if your logo looks too similar to something you’ve seen before is a good idea. If you are not sure - try Google image search.

If your logo lacks originality, it may be difficult for the clients to recognize your brand. Additionally, it is less likely to draw in potential customers or help your marketing.

7. Revise and change.

Do not accept a design that doesn't appeal to your audience or represent your brand. Yes, multiple revisions and changes can be frustrating and time-consuming, but the benefits of making the improvements are essential. It guarantees that:

  • You will not be forced to use a logo that you do not like.
  • Your brand will be accurately represented through your logo.
  • The aims you set out to achieve with your logo are fulfilled.
How to hire a logo designer

8. Get professional advice or hire a designer.

A well-designed logo is an investment. Your logo can have a big impact on how people perceive your brand, so it's a good idea to take it seriously. Hiring a professional can save you from simple errors like making a logo that does not scale well for your various purposes. 

Freelance platforms like Insolvo allow you to hire a designer with a single click, which can be a lifesaver for those who don't have the time and desire to look for a designer offline.


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