8 Important Logo Design Tips to Increase Identification of Your Company

17 Dec. 2023

Therefore, these logo design suggestions will help your logo be its best, regardless of whether you are designing a logo for the first time, are already far along in the process, or want to update an existing logo.

1. Understanding the Goals of Your Logo Design

Consider identifying the goals of the whole logo design project and gaining a firm understanding of the work at hand. Determine exactly what you want this logo to do. Keep in mind that a logo is not the same as branding. A logo acts as a visible representation of the brand, whereas branding is the subtle art of building your brand. Although they are not the same, both are essential. In the end, both are crucial for maintaining the competitiveness of your company.

2. Visualize on Paper Before Digitizing

In a world where we frequently jump right into a program like Adobe Creative Cloud to complete a task, we frequently overlook the value of a paper sketch. Even if it's not as good as you want, a paper sketch can help you understand how exactly you want to create a logo. Creating logo sketches can help you conceptualize, create shapes, and express your first ideas.

3. Infuse Storytelling into Your Design

Creating a logo gives you an opportunity to share a story. Establish brand-defining keywords that reflect your identity as a business and include them in your logo to have an impact on the story's plot. These important phrases will give your logo context and direction.

4. Embrace Simplicity in Design

An effective logo should be simple to understand and not overly complicated. The key to a successful logo is simplicity, since it makes it simple to remember. Furthermore, simple logos are frequently the most adaptable and practical.

In certain cases, less is more, and logo design is a perfect example of this. A logo doesn't need to be complex. In fact, minimalism keeps a logo presentable. Many of the most well-known international firms have very simple logos (Apple, Chanel, the Olympic Games, and Spotify, for example).

5. Prioritize Scalability in Design Elements

Your logo shouldn't be a complex combination of text and curves; instead, it should be quick, memorable, and distinctive to you.

Any logo should be scalable. It should look really good in a range of locations and sizes to provide you with the most adaptability. Consider various locations where your logo will appear, both large and tiny, to create the ideal, scalable logo. Can it be used on a business card and a billboard, for instance?

6. Create Horizontal and Vertical Variations

It's normal for most brands to use various logos. Logo variations are useful since not every logo fits in every setting.

To make sure you can use your logo in both horizontal and vertical spaces, create a primary and secondary logo. The first and primary logos are often more horizontal, while the second and additional logos are more vertical. Your primary logo will be your most complete and detailed logo, and your secondary logo can have a helpful additional design.

7. Ensure Uniqueness and Ownership

Your logo should be wholly original to you and no one else. The creative process depends heavily on authenticity, uniqueness, and ownership. Additionally, a crucial element of successful brand positioning is uniqueness. When creating your logo, consider whether it has been done before.

8. Embrace Evolution and Change

Both your brand and your logo can change over time. It's acceptable to redesign a logo; it doesn't need to stand the test of time. Numerous iconic logos have undergone changes over time. The logos of Instagram, Firefox, IKEA, McDonald's, and Starbucks have all been updated to match current design trends.

If you decide to redesign your logo, try to stay as close to the original as possible. Keep some of your current traits rather than give yourself a complete makeover. In this manner, your current clients will still recognize you.

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