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29 Mar. 2023

Thinking about the development of artificial intelligence began in the last century. The task was to automate the processes and assign the computer to do the routine work that a person used to do. Over time, the theory of AI (artificial intelligence) began to penetrate the cinema. The films showed how machines are much superior to humans and can not only perform complex calculations but even programs. Let's figure out how close we are to fiction, which is already a reality. We will list most popular neural networks in today's article.


Photo and image processing

Finished photos after filming require careful processing, where you need to remove strokes, and blurriness or make the photo clearer. To fix defects, you can use one of the online services.

№1 Vance AI Image Enlarger

The online neural network Vance is able to process photos as a graphic editor. The main difference from the program is that artificial intelligence does all the work. What can he do? To retouch photos, remove the background, enlarge the picture several times, color black and white photos, and also has a whole set of filters. To use the resource, you need to register, but one free time is available without a personal account.

№ 2. BgEraser

Deletes the selected objects from the photo. At the place where the object was located, the neuronet completes the background, while maintaining naturalness.

How does a neural network with photos work?

On the main page, there is a button “Upload an Image”, click on it and select the image you want to edit. Using a brush, we paint over the object that needs to be removed, and adjust the strength of the paint “Inpaint Strength". Then click Erase and wait for the processing to complete. It will take time.

Using the Magic Eraser function, you can erase watermarks

The BgEraser website also has a built-in background removal tool. To use it, you should switch to Background Eraser and upload a photo, then the neuronet will do everything online.

№ 3. Waifu2x

The site is from Japanese developers. It was originally designed to work with hand-drawn animation, but it is also suitable for photo processing.

What can he do?

• Noise reduction – corrects blurred areas, making the picture more detailed.

• Magnification – produces a resizing. Enlarges the photo by 1.6x, 2x, and 4x.

• Conversion – the ability to save an image in PNG or WebP.

• Supports multiple languages, including Russian.

Creating illustrations

The neural network draws illustrations

Modern programs can not only edit photos but also draw them from scratch, for example, art, anime-style characters, and even combine two pictures. Let's list the sites that are able to learn and have artistic skills.

№ 1. Dream by wombo

Dream generates art based on description. Write the text “Enter Prompt” and click on the "Create" button. After that, the algorithm will draw art. Good neural network drawings are obtained.

The most important thing is that every time the neural network draws a new drawing, if something does not suit the current work, then you can force the AI to redraw everything by clicking the “Create” button again.

No. 2. QQ World

An artist who knows how to draw anime characters. It is enough to upload a photo and wait for processing. A great opportunity to see yourself in Japanese cartoon style.

No. 3. Midjorney neural network

A program for generating works of art. The main page is located in Discord. Therefore, to get access to MidJourney, you need to create an account in the system.

After creating an account in Discord, you need to go to the MidJourney website and click “Join the Beta". This button is an invitation. We go to Discord, go through the captcha, and find ourselves on the main page of the MidJourney neuronet. To start drawing, you will need to choose a room.

The list of rooms is located on the left. After opening the room, you will see a chat where users constantly leave messages and generate illustrations. To draw your picture, you will need the command “/imagine". You register it in the chat line, an auto-quote will appear, click on it and add “/imagine” along with the prompt. In the prompt, you make a description, then wait for the service to generate an image and show the result.


Neural networks working with text

Owners of channels and communities constantly need to fill the resource with something. Come up with a description for videos and make posts. Let's list neuronet capable of composing texts by words.

No. 1. Sorumopkeu

The neural network is able to generate small descriptions for blogs. It is enough to come up with a name and keywords and click generate. The text will be ready. What can be useful for:

• Creating a description for videos

• Automatic writing of comments

• The text of the letter for mailing

• Product Descriptions

No. 2. GPT Chat

The modern model of artificial intelligence processing of the GPT language was created by OpenAI. It can create text that sounds like a human language and has a variety of uses, including creating text for chatbots and modeling language for language translation.

ChatGPT is trained using text databases on the Internet. It contains 570 GB of data obtained from books, web texts, Wikipedia, articles, and other text on the Internet. Rather, 300 billion words were entered into the system. As a language model, it is based on probability and is able to guess what the next word in a sentence should be.

Resources for automatic code writing

When developing a large project, you will need an assistant. Here are some popular tools working on neuronet. Using artificial intelligence in programming, you can speed up development by 50%.

№1 AlphaCode

This resource shows how artificial intelligence automatically writes code. At the same time, the quality of the code is at the level of an average programmer.

№ 2. Tabnine

The code auto-completion plugin is based on machine learning. Uses GitHub files for analysis. When writing, offers a better way to complete the code.

№ 3. Copilot

The GitHub service has released an assistant for the programmer. He is able to write simple codes based only on the programmer's comments. Can translate code from one language to another.

Copilot works on machine learning. The neural network analyzes all GitHub repositories and is trained. Of the minuses, it should be noted that Copilot is unable to master more complex projects and issues problematic code.

Let's summarize the results

To date, artificial intelligence has learned to solve complex problems and produce amazing results in the form of works of art and composing texts according to words, as well as succeeded in programming and processing digital photos, thereby saving the average user from routine work.


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