Tell about yourself correctly: working with brand history

15 Mar. 2023

Why is it right to tell the story of your brand and business? How do you do this so that customer relationships are built in the right direction? Today we will talk about why every company should pay attention to brand development.


Regardless of what you do, the attention of the audience is what will ensure the promotion of the business and allow you to count on income. In this case, marketing will be more successful if you reinforce it with the help of storytelling. Considering that the usual advertising spam no longer works, promoting a brand using its history is a far-sighted decision. But how, with the help of storytelling, can you distinguish your own brand among many others?

Start from the beginning: tell about why...

• why did your company appear at all;
• what is the main motivation of the team working on the project;
• how and why a particular product appeared;
• who is behind the company: the people who look further;
• what type of organization of work is built in the company;
• what is the general concept by which the brand positions itself on the Internet.

It's all about brand storytelling. This technique should not be confused with the following:

• a subjective and fragmented view of your brand;
• launching a viral video;
• posting a blog post;
• a long essay consisting of several blocks and describing your company.

Thus, the brand story is not really about your company; it mostly affects your customers and the values and benefits that they can receive when interacting with your products. As a rule, in these stories, the main character is not the company itself but a successful (thanks to the brand) client. The most important thing that should not be forgotten in storytelling is naturalness, which always finds a good response among the audience.


Forget about brand marketing? Yes!

Of course, on the one hand, such a call seems extremely illogical, because, as we wrote a little earlier, the history of the brand and marketing go literally hand in hand. But the fact is that when the goal is to develop human interest, it will be wrong to try to just sell your product or service.

When a potential or regular customer sees how the brand is developing and how the company is growing, then his interest in commercial offers and various products will grow. The greater the client's awareness, the more convincing your arguments will be. Transparency is captivating, just like truthfulness.

To be yourself is to be natural

How can a brand prove itself in the face of fierce competition? Practice shows that in the rapidly expanding information field, consumers are looking for something truly natural. That is, a too formal style or fake reviews or unrealizable promises are more likely to cause irreparable harm than help. The buyer almost always knows when they want to cheat him.

Focus on the selection of words

What and how you say is extremely important when it comes to the relationship between customers and businessmen. Your customer is your audience, for whom this performance is going on. Therefore, you should take a closer look at him to determine which timbre of voice and communication style are suitable for working with a particular type of client. For example, the same millennials prefer a free tone and style of conversation, unlike baby boomers. It is important for you to determine what emotions arise in those who visit the resource and read the story you have proposed.

In addition, it is necessary to determine at the preparatory stage who and from what person will tell stories and whether the conversation should be formal or more free.
In conclusion, I would like to note once again that storytelling, which is used to promote the brand, is the best fit for this. The main thing is to use this tool wisely, and everything will work out!


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