The company’s website and landing page trends 2023. Part 1

5 Apr. 2023

The company's website and landing page is the most effective way to present a business on the Internet. Moreover, 20 years ago a business website was more of an image attribute, and now in 2023, it has turned into a full-fledged channel for attracting customers. Therefore, it is so important that qualified contractors are engaged in the development and promotion; the slightest mistake can lead to serious consequences, up to a PR crisis.


What is the company's website for, and what should I publish on it?

The company's website is a detailed presentation of the business. At any time, a potential client or an interested partner can visit it to get the information he needs about the company.

A business website has three key goals: to inform, to present, and to sell. To do this, specialists work out the design of pages and the structure in a unique way to create commercially attractive and trustworthy content. It is impossible to do this on your own—without technical and marketing expertise—after short courses like "Learn how to make websites in 3 days".

There is not and cannot be a universal template for the structure of a corporate website. If an online store or a landing page can be made on a platform with dozens or hundreds of templates (for a quick start), then a corporate website is exclusively an individual design, logo, and exclusive visual and text content. Companies, including those working in the same market segment and for the same audience, will definitely have differences in their approaches to self-presentation. It is important to stand out among competitors, and if, after visiting a corporate website, a visitor has persistent associations with what he saw with your company, this is a good sign (of course, if the associations are with a plus sign).

Therefore, a unique technical task is necessarily prepared for developing the company's website—a project, a work plan, an estimate, and a description of the desired result. Based on the contents of this document, the customer accepts the work and evaluates the result.

It is also better to trust professionals to create content for the pages of the official website of a commercial enterprise.

Basic errors

A common mistake of entrepreneurs is saving texts and images. Texts written "on the knee" and pictures taken by one of the employees do not look representative and prevent the pages from gaining high positions in the search results.

This is often the sin of small companies at the start of their development, believing that in this way they do better for the overall budget and for growth in general. In fact, the effect is the opposite: poor-quality content repels visitors and does not cause positive associations and trust, resulting in an appeal for a service or product to competitors. Therefore, further trampling on the spot creates a vicious circle: there is no high-quality content, and there are no customers. No customers, no income.


What is the difference between a company's website, a landing page, and an online store?

The company's website is always multi-page and structured so as to keep the attention of visitors as long as possible. It is the structure that visually distinguishes it from its closest "relatives": landing pages and online stores. Let's compare in more detail.

Landing pages are sites for selling a single product. The long parchment of the landing page is thought out in such a way that the user flips through the screens and literally falls into the sales funnel — from getting acquainted with the offer to performing a target action (order, leave contacts for communication, proceed to purchase through acquiring). In a corporate multipage, each page is a separate landing page associated with the rest of the general idea of the company's presentation and its proposals.

Online stores are storefronts with goods, where each symbol on the pages works to ensure that as many visitors as possible become buyers. People come to the stores to buy, not to get acquainted with the company. Therefore, if a product catalog is posted on a corporate website, it is designed more like a brochure for familiarization than a full-fledged store with an order button and a shopping cart.

Do I need to place a product catalog on the company's landing page?

The placement of the product catalog on the website and the format in which to do it—pages, download files, gallery—depend on what you are selling and to whom.

The best format for submission is in the form of an online catalog with a separate page for each product and filtering the assortment by key characteristics of the goods. This is convenient both for people who can visit the site—to review everything and read about everything—and from the point of view of promoting the site in search engines.

Each product page is a potential source of traffic from Google, and if the product is unique, it is also branded traffic, which is usually best converted into leads.


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