Emotional design: How to promote business via emotions

11 Jan. 2023

We face emotional construction and emotional design on a daily basis. Moreover, we often do not understand this and do not notice it because specialists make it as natural and imperceptible as possible.

Nothing works better than just improving your product.

— Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Stack Overflow

Transparent design? Sounds very unusual, right? However, the facts tell us that these design options bring the desired effect; they act directly on the subconscious of a person and cause the necessary reaction. The consumer himself may not even understand why he likes to look at something. This is the work of emotional design.

Touch the strings of the soul

People often unconsciously rejoice, laugh, and feel their spirits rise when they look at the work of a designer who has clearly completed his task.

emotional design

And as a result, consumers return again and again to places where they experienced positive emotions, although they do not realize why this is happening. They like it, and they want more and more.

Emotional design is constantly used by brands in advertising; it is one of the most powerful marketing tools. No one will want to look at a boring design that does not cause any emotions. Emotions are the key to success; it is not easy to cause them, but it is necessary. When building your brand, do not forget about this, and then you will succeed!

What emotional design is

The idea that design can and should cause viewers to experience particular feelings is known as emotional design. It is not a particular style. Because of this, two designs that appear and feel very differently might nevertheless be regarded as instances of emotional design.

emotional design

Any design that aims to elicit an emotional reaction from the audience is considered an emotional design. Through thoughtful design decisions, it evokes sentiments in the audience rather than telling them how to feel.

Consider the websites that many businesses utilize to submit applications for jobs online. You probably feel agitated and frustrated simply thinking about them if you're like the majority of individuals who have dealt with them in the past. It's understandable that you might worry if your application was successful given the large blocks of text, their autofill features that may or may not operate, the duplicate information they need, and the confusing manner some of them conclude.

emotional design

Now visualize a clean online application for a job. One in which each field you fill out has a progress bar that indicates how far you are from the finish line. One that clearly states when you're finished as well as what to anticipate next, such as an email within the following month or a phone call within 14 days, etc.

The idea of emotional design is to establish pleasant interaction

The emotional design pushes a person to do something that he may not have planned at all. 

Color psychology, gamification, and other cool tools are available to designers to help them achieve this goal.

When a consumer likes a product and it raises his mood or even just causes positive emotions, a positive association and a desire to make a purchase appear, perhaps even more than once. Marketers frequently deceive customers by claiming a product's non-existent qualities in order to sell it. But this is an unfair decision that will eventually lead to the loss of customers in the future. Therefore, emotional design is the best solution.

emotional design

Remember the example we gave earlier — about the job application portal? Marketers have taken negative emotions as a basis: people need a job, they need it, but because of the unsuccessful design of the site, they leave without filling out an application.

This speaks to the concern of the company looking for a worthwhile application program that exceptional prospects can decide not to apply if the procedure is time-consuming and irritating. They purchase the responsive, simplified program created to make the application process more fun for candidates in order to allay that anxiety.

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