Ghostwriting: Essential guide for desperate authors (Part 1)

21 Dec. 2022

Publishing a book is a great opportunity to share your fascinating story with the world. Unfortunately, people often lack time or motivation to write it themselves. That’s where a ghostwriting specialist should enter the picture. 

Ghostwriting 1

But how to find a ghostwriter?

You may start your search full of energy and hope. 

However, the most likely outcomes are: 

  • You will quit when you realise how difficult it is to find a good ghostwriter.
  • You will hire the wrong person, spend a lot of money, and get a mediocre book at best.

Why does it happen? Because you don't know where to go for a decent ghostwriter (or how to discern whether they're good) when you hire one for the first time.

Be aware! Releasing a poor book can harm your credibility more than not publishing it.

Finding a ghostwriting expert for your book

Knowing where to look is the first step in hiring a ghostwriter. 

I must disappoint you here. There’s no one perfect place to go hunting for experienced writers.

Ghostwriting 2

1. Global web 

The first method for building a list of potential ghostwriters is to search on Google and LinkedIn. 

However, there are disadvantages to both of these platforms.

You will need a lot of time to sort through profiles on LinkedIn. The website will show you numerous search results. Searching through all of them is a very ineffective approach. 

If you hope the search filters are a useful tool here, you will be greatly disappointed. To determine whether a writer is a deserving candidate, you must still visit each writer's website, look at the projects they've completed, and analyze your compatibility.

Google, with its unbelievable number of search results, isn’t better either. You have to search far and wide to find the websites of individual ghostwriters because the first pages are taken by freelance markets and ghostwriting agencies. Moreover, it's even difficult to determine who is real and who is just a fraud.

This method can easily take you into a rabbit hole that doesn't produce results. It is advisable to start with other sources first.

Ghostwriting 3

2. Ghostwriting agencies

There are numerous ghostwriting agencies, but the majority are frauds. 

You can consider yourself lucky if you manage to come across a reliable agency. 

Nevertheless, they only profit by connecting you with writers. Whether or not the cooperation is successful does not affect how much money they will get. They are therefore motivated to establish a connection as soon as possible, regardless of the outcome.

If you still opt to hire an agency, select a reputable one that has a proven history of achievements. Such an agency will demonstrate a concern for its reputation and will perform well.

Here are some suggestions for the selection procedure:

  • Inquire about their method for matching authors with ghostwriters and how they select their writers. A competent agency will be able to give you the detailed information. 
  • A warning sign is if they seem uninterested in you. How will they find you a perfect match without learning about you first? 
  • Inquire if they offer a refund in case the work isn’t done properly. Avoiding working with them might be a right decision if they don’t.
Ghostwriting 4

3. Freelancing platforms

One of the most abundant sources of ghostwriters is freelance markets, though you'll still need to sift through a lot of different profiles to locate qualified applicants.

However, there is Insolvo, where you can hire a ghostwriter with ease. 

To begin, register, specify all the details and post the task. 

Then, the system uses a special selection algorithm, which displays candidates in the order that they are most qualified to finish a given task. 

To make a decision, you can access all the necessary information about a freelancer, including ratings, scores, and reviews from other customers. 

Our users are very important to us. That is why you pay only once the job is done and you are happy with the outcome.

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