How can you increase your productivity?

24 Nov. 2022

Unfortunately, the number of hours in a day is not infinite, so you need to use the time to the maximum. There are two ways to increase productivity: first, to work more hours a day, and second, to work "wisely." Of course, many will prefer the second option.

To increase productivity at work, a clear and informed approach to time management is needed. We will share the most effective tips on how to improve performance and productivity.


Keep track of how many hours are given to tasks and limit them.

You think you are very good at calculating how many hours are allotted to each task. However, according to statistics, only 18% of people are able to assess how time passes. You can use tracker apps that tell you exactly how much time you spend solving everyday tasks.

Don't forget to take breaks

Scheduled rest hours help increase concentration. Fifteen-minute breaks when performing complex and long tasks contribute to improving productivity. Conversely, if you work on a project without interruptions, productivity will decrease by up to 50%.

Set deadlines

As a rule, stress seems to be something bad and destructive, but a controlled level of stress, which is self-induced and can be controlled, increases concentration and attention. As a result, being stressed may be beneficial in achieving these objectives.

If the task does not have a pre-agreed deadline, set a deadline for yourself. This will help you understand how your brain reacts to this and how to increase its productivity. You will be surprised when you discover to what extent you will be concentrated and productive, keeping track of time.

Complete short tasks within 2 minutes

As one of the factors that increase the productivity of mental labor, it is recommended to follow the 2-minute rule. This helps to effectively use the small time intervals that appear in the process of work.

The essence of this rule is that if it seems to you that a certain action can be performed within 2 minutes or in a shorter period of time, then you need to start immediately. Then it takes less time to achieve the result.

Don't try to do everything at the same time

Although it is believed that performing multiple tasks at the same time reduces the time spent on them, this reduces concentration and increases the risk of errors. Doing multiple tasks at a time increases stress levels, which also reduces productivity.

Psychologists agree that multitasking when performing important tasks negatively affects the quality of work. Instead, first complete one task at 100%, and then move on to the next.

Take advantage of the time on the road

This advice applies to any time that occurs when performing routine tasks. For example, during a trip to work or while stuck in traffic, you can either scroll through social networks or answer the mail, make a list of plans for the day, or come up with new ideas or projects.

Take breaks for physical activity

According to statistics, using working time for exercise increases productivity by 15-20%. If you have enough free time, set aside hours during the week for yoga, dancing, strength training, or any other physical activity.

This way to increase productivity may be what you need to refresh your thoughts and generate new ideas. Try it, and you'll be surprised at how much easier it will become for you to focus.

Turn off notifications

There is a temptation to immediately respond to messages on social networks, to e-mail, and to check the notifications that have arrived. During business hours, turn off the sound of any notifications and focus on the task that is in front of you at the moment.

Do the work in 90-minute intervals

Studies show that people who succeed in various fields and work at intervals of no more than 90 minutes increase their efficiency and productivity compared to those who work for more than 90 minutes without a break. They found that the most successful subjects, as a rule, performed work for 4-5 hours a day. Agreed, it sounds very attractive!


Design a workplace

This item does not seem so significant, but equipping the office with pleasant and aesthetic elements, for example, paintings or figurines, increases the quality of work by 15-20%.
Add statuettes, plants, aesthetic stationery, pleasant smells, and other things to your office that will make you and your colleagues smile, and you will see how personal productivity will increase.

Try not to get distracted

When a colleague pops into the office with a cup of coffee or a friend calls to chat while working, you don't attach any importance to this. But even such small, unplanned breaks change the mode of operation, take up a lot of time per day, and, as a result, productivity decreases.

As a result, if you believe you need to increase your productivity at work, don't try to work 24 hours a day or add tasks to an already overburdened calendar. The answer to the question "How to increase your energy and productivity?" is to understand how to work smarter, not harder.


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