How to create a good vacancy and get a lot of feedback

5 Dec. 2022

The recruiter's dream is to find an employee without any hassle, spending as little time as possible on it. If you are a business owner and have to personally engage in recruiting, then this desire increases exponentially. Insolvo has a Vacancy section for this purpose.We will tell you how to place a Vacancy correctly and what to write in the ad.


Rules for posting vacancies on Insolvo

Each Vacancy is moderated manually, after which it is posted on the site for 11 days. Your ad will pass moderation without any problems if it complies with the rules of the service:

Vacancy title

• must capture the essence of the proposed work;Specify the position or briefly describe the essence of the work. Abbreviations are better not to use
• should start with a capital letter
• do not use CapsLock and or emojis.
• the name must match the Vacancy description
• must not contain the names of brands, websites, or companies that do not belong to the employer

Vacancy description

• should accurately reflect the essence of the work
• it is impossible to specify such requirements for applicants as gender, race, skin color, nationality, origin, property, family, social, and official status, age, place of residence, attitude toward religion, beliefs, membership or non-membership in public associations or any social groups
• it is forbidden to describe two or more different vacancies in one ad
• the use of emojis is not allowed
• it is not allowed to specify the names of brands, websites, and companies that do not belong to the employer

If there is a discrepancy between the text of the Vacancy and the rules, it may be deleted (in which case, payment will be refunded to your account) or changed without notice by the moderator.

Please check the text carefully, especially the contacts. Until the Vacancy has passed moderation, you can edit it in your profile. But once it is published, it is impossible to make changes. It would be a shame if, a couple of days after the publication, you found, for example, that you mixed up the numbers in the phone number.

You can delete a Vacancy yourself if it has not passed moderation. If you did not have time to cancel the placement before publication, write to technical support at

What should I write in the Vacancy?

Every day, our moderators review hundreds of vacancies, and they have a good eye for good wording. They shared their observations to help you attract more suitable candidates.


Candidates use filters and view vacancies only in those industries that they are interested in. Therefore, the first task of the employer is to correctly determine the category of the Vacancy.

Vacancy title

This is the first thing candidates see in a long list of offers. Try to make it clear from the title what you have to do. Use the formula "Who? Where?" for example: "Manager in an online store" or "Copywriter in a project about health." Creativity is welcome, but not at the expense of informativeness.

Remotely or in the city

Specify the city if the work requires a physical presence in the office. If you are looking for a remote employee, select the appropriate item.


Vacancies in which wages are indicated receive more responses from applicants.


Describe what the employee has to do and make a list of tasks. This will help the candidate correlate their skills and make a meaningful decision. Write in simple language. For example, instead of the complex "conduct accounting activities to inform buyers about new products and services of the company," write "call regular buyers."


Specify the necessary skills, experience, and education. Anything that will help the candidate understand that he will cope and will weed out unsuitable applicants Don't write platitudes. It is clear that you do not need an irresponsible, lazy person who does a bad job.

Working conditions

Write about the schedule and working hours, bonuses, if any, and features of the corporate culture.

Test task

For a convenient response, you can add a questionnaire or a test task in the Google Forms format. This will unload the work mail, allow you to sort the results by the desired criterion (for example, the expected salary level), and invite the most interesting candidates.

About the company

Write about your company as if you were telling a friend about it. Give links to the company's website and social networks to increase the confidence of job seekers and give them more information about you as an employer.


And yet!

It would be good to clarify in the Vacancy for how long you respond to applicants and when the answer will come. No one likes uncertainty, and your candidates are no exception.


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