Scheduling app: a full guide on the features to know

1 Dec. 2022

How to create a planning application? What features should be considered when developing a planning application? They vary depending on your goals, application type, budget, and so on. But are there must-have features that any default scheduling app should have? Oh sure!

Scheduling app

Easy scheduling

Working with overcomplicated software is not a pleasant experience. Everything inside the program should be as straightforward and clear as feasible. Make users eager to recommend the software to their friends and even competitors!

Multifunctional calendar

We can easily book open time slots and keep records of other people's availability for meetings thanks to the app. Additionally, you can set repeating appointments, change existing ones, cancel ones that have already been made, and much more! A well-designed calendar lessens the likelihood of mistakes committed by humans and other inconveniences.

Automatic messages

The main advantage of digital technology is the ability to set reminders that you do not want to forget and that you can really rely on! Automatic alerts, email notifications and text messages will appear minutes before the upcoming event, so you won't have a chance to miss it. This great feature helps us reduce the number of missed important meetings and prepare for the next scheduled meetings.

Registry administration

Allows you to track people's availability, manage different timetables, and modify preferences. When the needs and skills of the team are continually changing, roster management is crucial. By ensuring that all of the employee responsibilities are carried out accurately and effectively, this function also aids the organization's planning process. Employers can use it to manage the schedules, vacations, and working hours of their staff.


From any location, users should be able to control their workspace, check their calendars, and schedule appointments. Mobile devices must have easy access to the control system. The user always has access to all reminders, requirements, and other options!

Making a planning application: the procedure

Naturally, there are rules you must go by while developing a planning application.

Scheduling app

Step 1: Perform the investigation

You discuss concepts, objectives, plans, aspirations, and expectations with your team. You get a set of suggestions, an outline, an anticipated cost for the best calendar app, software requirements, a general concept for the product, a risk analysis, and more during the discovery phase. Consequently, you are going to have finished composition for your upcoming offering!

Step 2: Create the UI/UX

The calendar app's distinguishing feature is its design. Additionally, it's the first thing people notice when learning about your goods. The most crucial assurance of a brand's success is the combination of a pleasing user interface and an in-depth UX. Post a task on Insolvo to have our Freelancers help you with this step.

Step 3: Select a platform for programming

Make the scheduling tool more effective by converting it to a cloud-based service. Such systems offer a number of benefits, including the capacity to store and effectively analyze all data. In reality, you have a few options for cloud computing. Choose between infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or mobile backend as a service (MBaaS).

Step 4: Review the Program

Testing time planner is a necessary step in the development process. The creation of a planning application system with several vital characteristics is crucial. You must evaluate its usability, general performance, and scalability on many platforms and devices.

Step 5: Deploy and Maintain

It is crucial to think about a thorough marketing plan and application promotion after designing and installing an API. In order to reach the correct target group, creating a digital product necessitates numerous campaigns. A scheduling app's initial launch might not always be flawless. There is constant room for development.

What is the price of making a scheduling app?

The price of product development depends on a variety of factors. The application's complexity, which includes its characteristics and design, team resources, and marketing expenses, has already been mentioned. These programs also need to have the ability to track tasks, manage workflows, and, of course, have a flexible digital calendar. And the price tag might be really high! The creation of MVPs and test cases must not be overlooked.


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