5 compelling pros of hiring a virtual assistant

3 Nov. 2022

Entrepreneurs are a pure inspiration to us!


 They are creators who can get carried away by creating something useful and amazing! However, while solving such complex problems, sometimes there is simply not enough energy and strength to solve small routine tasks. You just don’t have time to meet the needs of customers!

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”

― Brian Tracy, Personal Success

It really is amazing that humankind has created something as great as a delegation. Any entrepreneur may invest more time in essential commercial activities as a result. The virtual assistant can definitely handle it. In fact, these professionals are valued and demanded more and more in the job market nowadays.

What can you delegate to your virtual assistant?

Your assistant can cope with any duties that don't need your presence.

For example:

  • Reply to emails.  If you have ever dealt with formal letters, you are aware of how time-consuming this non-dusty task is but also how essential it is to the success of any company.
  • Keep your calendar of meetings and plans and bring them to life. Organizing a meeting means notifying all those who participated. Determine the date and form of the event. Make sure everybody is connected if it's online, or find the location and make everything prepared if it's an offline meeting.
  • Arrange personal and business travel.  Business travel becomes part of life if you are an entrepreneur. Buy a ticket for the most convenient flight with the most convenient layover. Book a good hotel in a convenient location, but do not overpay. Order food to the office, tasty and affordable, or book something chic for a business dinner with future investors or clients. Well, if you have free time on a business trip, then the virtual assistant will easily give you a list of 10 must-see places.
  • Organize logistics. Any business requires forwarding and sending various goods. And this is exactly the area where a double-check will never be superfluous.
  • Choose models for shooting. Make a list of models and locations for shooting. Arrange with a photographer and a retoucher. Gather the necessary props for the event and, of course, something else ... that you will forget, but your virtual assistant will remember.
  • Collect and organize any information in Google. Distinguish the latest important events and trends in your industry, highlight main competitors and their effectiveness, and even give a couple of tips for future strategy - this is not a motive to have a virtual assistant at your disposal.
virtual assistant

In fact, the whole point of hiring a virtual assistant is that this is a very flexible and enthusiastic employee who adapts to the conditions of reality.

And yet, what are the "pros" of hiring a virtual assistant?

virtual assistant

1. It's profitable.

The essence lies in the fact that a virtual assistant is not a staff member. And you can hire them for a few hours a day or a few days a week. It all depends on the amount of work you need to do.

2. It's right on target.

That is, you hire an employee for exactly specialized tasks, whether it be organizing photo shoots for a catalogue or posting content for social network profiles, etc. Simply by publishing on social media, you may utilize it to advertise your company all over the world. By sharing your tweets and posting them on your Facebook pages and other social media platforms, you may allow individuals to advertise your website.

3. It's easy to scale or shrink.

As you grow, you can easily either hire a virtual assistant or refuse their services if you need something else.

4. It’s a little personal.

Having multiple freelancers for different tasks doesn't give you the reliability and trust that comes between you and the right kind of virtual assistant.

5. It’s time-saving.

You get more time for business ideas by moving away from business routines. Finally, find a balance between work and personal life. Your assistant will be a kind of mediator or conductor between these two vital areas of your life.

Hire a virtual assistant

Where can I get this wonderful virtual assistant?

Of course, you should use only trustworthy freelance recruiting platforms like our Insolvo. Using the Insolvo service, you may chat with each candidate personally and choose the ones you like.

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