Best places to find and hire a group of the professional software developers who can get to work right away.

2 Nov. 2022

Due to a lack of professionals in the IT sphere, there is a continuing need for IT workers, and we are facing a skills shortage gap for digital specialists like software developers. 

We created a list of ideas for finding and hiring a team of developers.

1. Decide what kind of software developer you need.

The shifting trends and advances in the world have given rise to a variety of software developer types. The various categories of software developers include but are not limited to: Frontend Developers, SQL Developers, Fullstack Developers, Google io, Android Developers, Backend Developers, Java Developers, PayPal Developers, IOS Developers, etc.

2. Get a recommendation from your professional network.

Once you are aware of the type of developer you need, ask your coworkers and friends for referrals. As individuals in the IT field typically change positions every 3 to 4 years, this is frequently a great place to start when hiring. Employers can save time and effort by hiring a team of committed programmers based on the recommendations of their colleagues. Knowing that candidates have the necessary experience typically puts hiring managers at ease and in a better mood.

3. Visit tech conferences to find competent software developers.

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to find tech talent is through conferences and events. These conferences frequently concentrate on a particular technology or programming language. For instance, Python developers attend PyCon, top Java developers attend Java Day, and framework days are planned for PHP and web developers.

At these gatherings, networking can lead to the creation of strategic alliances with driven developers.

4. If you are open to employing remote individuals, check out online platforms like LinkedIn, Insolvo, etc.

Usually, these sites allow you to look for a single software developer or a group of developers. The most popular source for finding an IT specialist right now is LinkedIn. Insolvo is famous for the variety of projects that can be implemented by different specialists in a short period of time, from rework and adaptability to a turnkey approach.

5. Open-source coding platforms

Websites like GitHub are excellent resources for viewing the open-source projects that talented developers contribute to as well as their code samples. Employing managers might look for developers by their preferred language, location, or social media following.

Employers should focus on a developer's projects and look at their public activity on GitHub while reviewing profiles, send a message to a candidate to learn more about them, and see if they are a good fit for their project.

6. Hackathons

At hackathons, software developers collaborate to create new software. Consequently, this is the ideal choice for people to hire developers for a startup in a hackathon. Some hackathons are specifically made to foster networking, which makes it simpler to locate many competent engineers. The majority of these events concentrate on particular technologies so that recruiters can select the ones that are most relevant to their projects.

7. Social media and technology blogs

Also, some IP professionals run blogs and social media, which can be a great way to find possible candidates. A blog also enables a potential employer to research a candidate before getting in touch with them. A blog can also show the applicant's critical thinking, problem-solving, and technological skills-all which are great if they are hired remotely.

8. Universities

Universities are the last but not the least place to look for a software developer. Speak with deans or professors at tech colleges to recommend their best students for paid internships. Despite the possibility that they lack professional experience, they are probably passionate about coding and may be engaged in independent projects.

Finding the perfect person can take some time, but after some effort and time, you will have a specialist who will handle one of the most challenging aspects of modern technology.


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