Can I order a website on a freelance platform or through an agency?

6 Nov. 2022

You can't make a website yourself, but it is very necessary for your business. What to do? You can order a website from an agency or from a freelancer. Let's compare which option to choose in order to save only on cost, not on quality.

from an agency or from a freelancer. Let's compare which option to choose in order to save only on cost, not on quality.

Freelancing platform or agency. Let's compare

So, for some reason, you either can't create your own website or don't have enough time for it. In this case, the first step is to find a specialist. You can find it either at a specialized agency or on a freelance platform. When choosing any of these options, you may encounter various difficulties.

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There are quite a lot of specialists in creating websites on freelance platforms. Just go to any of them, for example, Insolvo, and post a task with an exact description and cost.

It is necessary to approach the choice of a freelancer responsibly since the final result of the work will depend on him in the end. First, look at the reviews of other customers. If they are satisfied with you, go to the next stage the portfolio. Examine the works in the portfolio with care. If there are no works available, be sure to ask. As soon as you decide on a candidate who can make the site the way you need it, discuss the cost of the work and the deadline, as well as all possible nuances of the project.

The advantage of a specialist from the freelance platform is that the cost of his work will be much more democratic than the cost of a specialist from an agency. A freelancer works for himself and most often from home, so he does not need to pay for the rent of the premises and the salary of employees. Doing a good job is in his interest since his earnings depend on his reputation.

On the platforms, you can always see the rating of a remote employee, which consists of the number of completed tasks and positive and negative ratings from buyers. Then again, if you order a website from a freelancer, he will make it fast enough — the number of completed projects and money earned is made up of the speed of work.

Of course, there is a risk of encountering scammers. To avoid this, never agree if the chosen candidate offers you to leave the platform and work directly. In this case, he can easily deceive you, and you will no longer have any guarantees. It is more reliable and safer to work on the site, your funds are protected, and you have time to complain if the result of the work performed does not suit you.


Of course, many people have more confidence in an official agency than in a freelance platform. However, keep in mind that agencies are all different, and it is not always possible to get a good result for a lot of money. There is also a risk of running into scammers who will take money from you, and then close the company and disappear.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of the site in the agency will be much more expensive than that of a remote employee. And the deadlines may also be delayed.

Among the advantages are a full package of services, the official conclusion of the contract, and the selection of a competent specialist.

Where is it better to order a website. Conclusions

The choice, of course, is always yours; everyone makes it based on their needs. Freelancers will definitely do the work cheaper. Besides, a reliable freelance platform protects the interests of the buyer — your funds are reserved on the site and the contractor will receive them only when you check and confirm the completion of the task. If you are not satisfied with something, you can always ask to modify or redo it. However, it can be difficult to find a specialist for particularly complex projects.

In agencies, on the contrary, you can order a website of any complexity and they will make it for you. But the cost will be higher and the time will be longer.


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