Ghostwriting: expert tips on finding the perfect ghostwriter for your book

12 Jan. 2023

Writing a book is a dream for many people, but for some, it remains just that: a dream. Despite having a powerful message to share, the idea of actually writing a book can be overwhelming and daunting, leading many to consider ghostwriting to bring their ideas to life. However, this decision is not one to be taken lightly. It can be a costly and time-consuming process that may not yield the desired results.


Traditional ghostwriting: from idea to reality

When it comes to traditional ghostwriting, the problem often lies in the lack of context in the writing. This can make it difficult to capture the author's voice, resulting in a book that feels impersonal and disconnected. This is a common pitfall in the ghostwriting world, and is often the reason why clients are not satisfied with the final product.

Mistakes in ghostwriting: how to find the right ghostwriter for your book

I know firsthand the pitfalls of traditional ghostwriting. Long before I ever dreamed of owning a writing and publishing company, I hired a ghostwriter, and the experience was awful. I ended up with a book that didn't sound like me at all, and I wasted tons of money. Not only that, it added an additional 18 months to the writing process, and in the end, I ended up writing the book myself.

To avoid the same mistakes and hire a ghostwriter who actually provides a book you are proud of, it is important to understand the options available and the potential pitfalls. One way to avoid these common issues is to choose enhanced ghostwriting


Because the writer contributes to setting the scene for the content, enhanced ghostwriting elevates the ghostwriting process. This helps to capture the author's voice and message, resulting in a book that feels personal and authentic. The process generally includes five steps:


People may initially come to you or your book because of your knowledge or experience, but they will only read it if you have a compelling story to share. For each chapter, you need to begin with a story. This is the most effective way to captivate the audience from the start.

Open Loop

When you're writing an open loop, there is a need for an extra story to strengthen your argument and make the conclusion more compelling. Consider a speaking engagement. If you're in front of an audience and they've been hanging on your every word, you won't want to let them down now with a weak conclusion.

Instead of telling the complete story of failure to success, consider stopping at the time of greatest uncertainty and fear. An "open loop" is what this is. We don't culminate the story because the brain wants to know the end of the story.


You want to start with a brilliant story that flows flawlessly into the point or arguments you want to make for that chapter. Because of the way our minds work, the reader will be motivated to read on to find out how the narrative ends. This way, you can convey the lessons you learned along the way, thereby creating your content. Readers are now drawn in and motivated to read more as they draw their own conclusions and learn from your story.

Close the Loop

Finally, you want to end with a bang. Here, you conclude the story by closing the loop. Every chapter is a microcosm of your entire book, which is why every chapter must captivate, fascinate, and provide a sense of closure.


This is the final stage in the process, where the author reviews the book to ensure that it accurately reflects their message and is written in their own voice.


In conclusion, while hiring a ghostwriter can be an attractive option for those who want to publish a book, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls and to consider alternative methods such as enhanced ghostwriting. With enhanced ghostwriting, the author can ensure that there is their own voice throughout the novel and accurately conveys their message.

It's important to keep in mind the potential costs and time involved, but also the potential benefits of getting the book written and published. It's a big decision and should be considered carefully before making a final decision. It's also important to do research and choose an experienced ghostwriter who has a proven track record in the industry.

By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances of ending up with a book you're proud of and that resonates with your readers.

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