Website builder: list of the best quick & simple platforms. Part 1

17 Jan. 2023

If you require a unique website, you must hire a web designer. If you are just starting out, don't need a custom design, and want to save money, a website builder is a great choice. These website builders will be useful.

An online website builder: what is it?

In the last ten years, the need for web designers has increased dramatically. A user can build a website using pre-made templates and a website builder instead of having to design or code it from scratch. Website builders offer a wide variety of design templates.

A website builder you use affects many factors, like transaction costs and SEO, as well as how your site looks and works.

The top 14 website builders

We'll analyze the top 14 website builders in the section below. Let’s look at their benefits and drawbacks, costs, and ideal clients. They fall into three categories: e-commerce-focused, quick and convenient, and highly customized. Find the one that best suits you by perusing the selection.

Quick and simple website builders for beginners



Strikingly specializes exclusively in one-page websites. This is a niche website builder that is not for everyone. But with a well-established support team and editor, it's a great choice for personalizing a simple website.

You can easily select the style you prefer. Add your own material to create a unique experience thanks to the templates' current and diverse design. Although it provides more design options than its competitors, it has a limited feature set. The service  will not help you if you need more than a landing page or a brief explanation.

Constant Contact

Constant contact

Constant Contact works to make things as convenient and user-friendly as they can. In other words, it takes care of the little things like hosting, CDN (for faster loading), SSL certificates, and Google SEO integration.



True to its name, Site123 helps you create a full website in only one, two, or three easy steps. Even though it is one of the quickest and most difficult website builders out there, template-style designs still call for quick turnaround and minimal design. Similar to Duda, Site123 straddles the line between cheap and expensive website builders. If you simply need a few design possibilities, it becomes great.



In the template style, Duda offers a more advanced website builder. Nevertheless, it is still basic. For those who want some modification but don't want to deal with design, this is appropriate. Other simple website builders don't provide it with a variety of helpful features, such as unique displays for new visitors or region-specific functionality (such as displaying your phone number). They can also make their own paths and have access to a large library of templates.

In general, Duda strikes a good balance between customization and ease of use.



Another quick and inventive website builder for small enterprises is Jimdo. Beginners or those managing a straightforward, low-maintenance website, such as a freelancer's portfolio site, should use Jimdo. It was created using artificial intelligence and has a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. Additionally, Jimdo handles some technical concerns by adapting them to mobile devices, hosting, and, in most cases, domain names.

The subscription plans demand additional storage and bandwidth as well as support options in order to justify the basic services, even though they do contain advertisements. (For e-commerce features, you must purchase a Business plan.)



GoDaddy now offers a small business website builder in addition to its hosting and domain offerings. Users can construct an automatic site template depending on their industry and personalize specific material using the same template as Constant Contact. By providing extra choices, such as different colors and fonts, you may make something more unique.

The following advanced website builders will be covered in our next article. Here we will just list them:

Highly developed and adjustable website builders

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress

Ecommerce-specific website builders

  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Square Online Store

There's no need to go it alone

What happens if you'd like to use a website builder but don't have the time or the necessary design skills?  Alternatively, you can pay a professional web designer to make changes to the Web Builder template for you. You can use a platform that is very adjustable to create your website but leave the intricate design elements in the hands of an expert. Post a task on Insolvo to get help.


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