How to increase the number of landing page bids

17 Nov. 2022

Every owner of a website or landing page wants to receive offers in the most convenient way possible, so that the offer describes in as much detail as possible the type of form and contact information left by the visitor. But the concept of "convenient" is stretchable, since everyone likes different ways of receiving applications. In this article, we will describe the most common methods, and which of them is the most convenient is up to you. 

Submitting bids via email from the landing page

The easiest and one of the most common ways to get a request from a website or landing page is to get all the data from the form by email. This is done as follows: the visitor finds a form on the page, fills in the fields, and clicks the submit button. Meanwhile, the file handler for this form processes the sent data, forms a table from it, and sends a beautifully designed bid to the emails specified in this file. 

This method is very easy to set up. All you need to do is specify the desired email address to which you want to receive applications. You can design the table in different ways; the main thing is that it is readable and covers all the data from the form. This method of receiving applications is quite suitable if you have a simple landing page with one or more pages. 

CRM-based bids

landing page

This is also one of the most common methods, but it is mainly used for websites or landing pages with a lot of traffic and requests. 

CRM is a system for managing customer relationships and optimizing business processes. The two most common CRMs are amoCRM and Bitrix24. The layout designer connects the website or landing page to any CRM, and after submitting the form, its data gets into this CRM, forming a deal. When configuring CRM, you can create multiple folders and sort incoming requests into them. For example: "unassembled," "call back," etc. The manager responsible for this or that section will deal with transactions. 

Features of the method

This method of receiving bids is very convenient for a large number of bids when one or two employees do not have time to cope with the flow of work. But the disadvantage of this method is that it takes time to figure it out, and besides, CRM is paid. 

Sending bids to Telegram

Bids are always at hand, and one of the easiest and, importantly, fastest ways to receive them is via Telegram.

To do this, you need to create a bot. Through the search, we find @BotFather, write /start, select /newbot, and set the name and address. You will receive a message with a token; it is highlighted in red. You will need to enter it in the browser and get the chat ID with a minus. Next, we register the token and chat ID issued by Telegram in the form processing file. At this point, all applications sent from the landing page will come directly to you in Telegram. 

True, you will not be able to arrange it in the form of some beautiful table, but if you just need to get bids, then quality is more important here than design. As a result, after submitting the form, your Telegram bot will receive a message in which the data specified in the settings will be displayed. 

Via Google Sheets 

This method is rarely used, but it is still a good way to collect applications from the site or landing page. After doing simple manipulations with the settings and connecting the necessary scripts, we will receive an application with data from the form, divided into cells in the table. The table is convenient because you can immediately see the number of applications and all the data. You can create multiple sheets in a single table, each for a different site, and simply switch between them as needed. 

In conclusion

These were the most basic ways to receive bids from a website or landing page. All of them are good and have their pros and cons, but they all perform the same main role: they inform the owner of the site or landing page about incoming calls.


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