Influencer marketing from A to Z, Part 1: Strategy

20 Nov. 2022

Influencer marketing is one of the most recent and advantageous ways to promote your brand online. Successful cooperation with specialists in your area will help you achieve outstanding results such as improving the credibility of your product, generating positive visibility and, therefore, inviting new people to become your customers. 

Before taking any active action, you should work thoroughly on your marketing strategy. It is not a fast solution, but this way you will avoid mistakes that can cost you a fortune and get the outcome you are wishing for instead. 

Influencer marketing 1 : social media influencer

Meaning behind influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a sort of sponsored content in which companies collaborate with independent content producers to promote their products to a larger public. 

Any brand can profit from this form of alliance as the internet platforms are full of different types of influencers. Of course, the person you choose may be famous. Though, in most cases, they are not. The more significant factor is them having influence over your target market which makes them exactly the influencer you are looking for. 

In addition to impacting consumer choices, partnering with an influencer may provide extra hidden effects. For instance, making your company known to a larger number of people will increase your brand awareness. Next, it will place you in the thoughts of potential buyers who don't find your product appealing now but might change their minds later. And when the moment arrives, these people will recall that your brand was backed by a credible influencer.

Influencer marketing 2: brand campaign

Influencer marketing strategy 

First, you should build your marketing strategy.  


Because in order to succeed, you must have a complete idea of your aims, clearly identify your target market and the way to get in touch with it, and, obviously, understand how everything operates. Offering a collaboration without knowing what you're doing is pointless.

1) What results do you wish to achieve?

Start by defining the goals of your influencer marketing campaign. These objectives could be raising brand visibility, attracting new clients or boosting sales at the introduction of a fresh service. Be aware that launching a brand campaign often aims at getting more people interested in your brand and not an immediate increase in revenue. 

Influencer marketing 3: influencers help you reach out to your target market

2) What is your target market? 

Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.

— Brian Chesky, Co-Founder & CEO, Airbnb

Choosing the appropriate audience is the next step in planning your influencer campaign. You will be highly disappointed with the results if you spend money promoting your product to the wrong kind of people. 

In addition, knowing your target market is also essential to find influencers suitable for your brand campaign. 

It’s possible that this decision has already been made by you for the general marketing strategy. However, in case of a fresh service launch or a change in your brand’s concept, you may want to present yourself to new people. With experience, you will collect a list of influencers whose audience will match your target for each of your products. 

Besides, you should reflect on which social media platform there are more profiles that belong to your chosen market. For example, I believe no one really wants to promote consulting services on TikTok. That would be such a waste of resources. 

Influencer marketing 4: find influencers for a collaboration

3) Influencer marketing strategy mechanics

Fundamentally, an influencer marketing strategy describes the conditions on which a company plans to collaborate with an influencer, who will then promote the brand and its goods to their followers. The strategy requires a great amount of time and effort. However, this process should be completely invisible to the public. If, even for a moment, people feel forced to buy your product, it will have a negative impact on your credibility and can ruin your reputation.

Check-list of the factors you need to make decisions on and elaborate:

  • Group of people you wish to reach 
  • The main objective of your strategy
  • Type of influencers that would be most beneficial for your company
  • The way your selected influencer will promote your company to their followers without pushing them too much 
  • The way you can monitor the campaign's effectiveness
  • The result you are aiming to achieve (in figures)
  • A comprehensive set of instructions and recommendations for the influencer
  • Level of collaboration with the influencer 

To be continued… 

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