KPIs in digital. The success of an advertising campaign

21 Dec. 2022

Determining the quality of work is one of the most difficult issues in any information industry, most of all advertising and marketing. It is to control the quality of task execution that there are KPIs and digital indicators that allow you to assess the degree of task completion. In the digital sphere, KPIs are a little easier—most processes are digitized and tracked at all stages of the task. Nevertheless, there are really a lot of numbers—let's figure out what to take for KPI indicators in the digital direction.


For SMM tasks

Social networks are easy enough to control—all the figures, data on advertising campaigns, and audience are in the personal account of the account. If you are just starting work in this direction or want to introduce KPIs for your contractors, we recommend using the following KPIs as a basis:

  • Engagements: the total number of subscriber interactions with your account. Likes, comments and reposts are taken to calculate the engagements;
  • "Reach" is the total number of people who have seen your post. This is a very broad indicator that allows you to control the degree of effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • CPC (cost per click) — cost per click. Since almost every advertising publication is accompanied by a CTA and an active link, it is important to understand how much the coveted click costs.
  • Subscribers and audience are the most popular and striking indicators for an account. This digital KPI is seen not only by you but also by everyone who logs into your account. You can choose who is more important to you to control depending on the social network.

The price per subscriber is the cost of attracting one new subscriber. And we are not talking about inefficient giveaways or mass following right now; we are talking about competently configured advertising campaigns in the account's business cabinet. With this indicator, you will be able to track seasonal price changes, see the relevance of the advertising market in your industry, and plan advertising campaigns in the future, taking into account all the nuances.


For comprehensive advertising campaigns

Comprehensive advertising campaigns are a great way for a brand to tell a wide audience about itself. An advertising campaign's proper setup is only the first step toward its success. It is important to highlight the following KPIs at the start:

  • Views: the number of views of your advertising message or post. This task's most logical indicator, which is identical to the coverage.
  • CTR is the clickability indicator, which is calculated as a percentage. With it, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of coverage for a narrower purpose on a website or landing page.
  • CPC (cost per click) — cost per click. A very important indicator that is used to calculate the budget of an advertising campaign.
  • CR (conversion rate) is a conversion rate that is relevant when the target action for an advertising campaign is clearly configured.

For content

Content has long been a part of volumetric digital strategies. Brand promotion through content plays a long-term role; the number of mentions is growing, articles are rising in search queries, and news updates provide information about the brand. It is important to follow the content direction for:

  • The plan or fact of publication is the simplest indicator that will show you whether you remain in the plan in the context of a week, quarter, half-year, or year.
  • The number of mentions—this statistic can be maintained using Wordstat. It can be used to determine whether the total number of requests on Google changes in relation to the timing of your publications and digital activities.
  • Content Views: This KPI includes the number of views on your text, photo, and video content. With it, you can make a summary table in which you compare the most and least popular content formats.

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