Tilda: the best platform for a professional website developing

6 Dec. 2022
Tilda: one the best platforms to develope a website for an online store or a blog

Why do we choose this constructor? It is not essential to be well-versed in web programming languages; you can spend a lot of time searching through codes, finding errors, and fixing them in order to construct a site on Tilda. This is a practical construct where working with pre-made modules and building blocks constitutes the entirety of the development process.

How to create?

You must first sign up for Tilda. Before beginning to create pages, consider the idea, architecture, and content of the website thoroughly. The next step is to move on to the technical aspects.

Tilda popularity

The Tilda platform is gaining popularity among Internet users. Anyone, be it a freelancer, web developer, or business owner, successfully uses the constructor's capabilities to create their own website.

The demand for Tilda makes this service competitive among other content creation and management systems. Let's see why.

User-friendly interface

Tilda's user-friendly interface makes it possible to develop a site without specialized knowledge or technical expertise. The program provides the user with helpful hints at each step of the process for their convenience. Additionally, there are templates and modules that you can use to design a special page and incorporate the required features.

Tilda distinguishes itself from other CMSs with an appealing aesthetic and ease of site perception. The design itself is genuinely beautiful, and the text and visual material are in great balance with one another. It is fair to recommend the Tilda platform as a website creation tool.

Tilda: one the best platforms to develope a website for an online store or a blog

Options of the Tilda constructor: from a blog to a store

Online store

The only thing needed from the developer is to think over the site's name, logo, and content. And the Tilda functionality will support the realization of all your concepts. Features of the constructor include:

  • Merging the online cash register and payment system. It is allowed to connect a third-party payment gateway by means of the API.
  • Choice of delivery option.
  • Own CRM and third-party connection, also using the API.
  • Creating a catalog manually or by importing. It is also possible to upload it, edit product cards. It is allowed to enter no more than 5,000 items, using the CSV or YML format.
  • Formation of catalog sections (the maximum number is 200 for one site).
  • Regulation of discounts and bonuses.


A user who maintains his own blog can create a site on Tilda for free. The ribbon is configured in one of the following ways:

  • A user may collect pages manually, highlighting the main page with a brief description of the published materials. It should be noted that the number of pages is limited to no more than 500, but at the same time, each can be made unique, and the design and arrangement of blocks can be chosen.
  • Activating the "Streams" module removes the limitation and allows you to create up to 5000 entries. But for them, the standard set of elements is applicable, which is used in most other engines, such as WordPress. The division into streams will allow you to categorize entries, for example, create a 'news' block, entertainment, etc. In addition, you can create sections without a hierarchy within each thread.


On Tilda, you can create any type of website, although the builder modules and templates are particularly made for one-page websites, also known as landing pages.This consists of blocks that address the many objectives and areas of the generated content.

All the required components and choices are present in the block editor on the designer's pages. However, the user has the option to use Zero Block if the design and features of the suggested ready-made blocks do not appeal to them.

Tilda: one the best platforms to develope a website for an online store or a blog

What else is important and useful about Tilda?

Firstly, the ability to integrate external analytics services, in particular, Google Analytics

Second, the instruments used for A-B testing to assess the effectiveness of pages (split testing)

Thirdly, there is a dynamic text option, which is often used when creating geo or multi-landings.

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