Four elements of a landing page for sales

30 Dec. 2022

Today we will tell you about the mandatory elements on the landing page so that you can create a sales website or landing page.


What do you need for a landing page?

 In short, the site can be created using four steps:

  • make up the structure of your business or product. Describe what is in them.
  • highlight the differences between yourself and your competitors. Answer yourself the question, "Why does the customer choose my product?"
  • create a unique selling proposition (USP) based on the benefits of your product.
  • in the copywriting of the site, rely on the USP.

 But in fact, everything is much more complicated and requires a more detailed study.

How to make a landing page

First of all, the site should be user-friendly, understandable in navigation, and textually meet the needs of the user. Secondly, the site should be selling, and it should encourage the user to perform actions targeted for your business on it.

There is a list of required elements. So, what should be on the landing page:

  • the logo is located in the upper left corner of the site and reflects the activities of your company using an image or text. The logo increases awareness of your company and helps the user understand how he got there.
  • the title should include an active emotional action or statement based on the value of the product. The best option is the UTP in the header. For example, "Evaluation of an apartment in 2 days: only 500 USD."
  • subtitle—can continue to decipher the title with specifics or serve as a title for benefits (paragraph 4).
  • benefits. It is recommended to place 3–5 benefits on the first landing page so that the user can immediately see the differences between your product and competitors and not have to look for them among the text throughout the site. It is preferable if the benefits include as many specifics as possible.

Example 1: Pizza delivery in 15 minutes.

Example 2: More than 12,000 fabric samples are available in the showroom.

  • CTA (Call to Action): Usually a button or a form is used for landing pages with a target action on the site. Example: "Get a specialist consultation in 3 minutes."
  • phone number, e-mail address, and messengersIt is customary to place the means of communication in the upper-right corner of the screen. Post several different ways to make it convenient and quick for users to contact your company.
  • photo or video of the product, the process of providing the service, or interacting with the product. Easy example: "Product: Camera. A picture of the interaction process: a family photographs memorable moments for themselves."
  • the scheme of work. If you have a complex product or a prepayment is required, it is better to describe the process of the user's path from the application to receiving the result on the site. This way, you will reduce the load on the sales department or call center. The user will know that your interaction will be completed in, for example, five steps.
  • brand advantages. Tell us about the competitive advantages with the help of the shootouts on the page. Describe in them the distinctive benefits of the product by analogy with paragraph 4 above, but place these benefits in the middle of the page.
  • be sure to provide a block with an action. There may be a countdown counter or information about bonuses and discounts.
  • social evidence. These can be text reviews, video responses, screenshots of correspondence from messengers, or Instagram posts. There are many options.
  • documents. Be sure to post quality certificates and licenses confirming the legality of your activities. So you remove the user's objection, "I don't trust you," and increase the conversion rate of the site.
  • Contacts. Banking details, phone numbers, and a map of how to get to you will greatly encourage users to come to your meeting.

A quiz on the landing page. What's it?

The quizzes are created as widgets using a script from a third-party service or are sewn directly into the site block using code.They are created for users who have not yet decided on the desired type of product. For example, they don't know whether to choose roller blinds or blinds as curtains.

The user gets to the site and sees a test in which he is asked to answer several questions and receive a bonus in return. After completing the survey and filling out the form, the client will be rewarded.

For the sales department, this greatly simplifies the processing of the application because they see all the target data in the application. For example: size of curtains, color, desired price. This allows them to quickly orient the user on the assortment and address his concerns.


How to Make a Landing Page Design

There are a lot of ready-made templates and examples of landing page design on the market now. First of all, you need to start with the corporate colors and logo colors when you plan the range of the site. At the same time, do not forget that between a black background and a white background, always choose a white background.

This is the law! The Internet knows only isolated cases when the black background was beautiful and user-friendly. But mostly it's for art topics.

As design references, use competitor sites if you like them or see a selection on

How to Create Your Own Landing Page

A landing page requires a prototype (a skeleton diagram of the future site with the location of elements and text for the landing page), a logo, and, if available, a brand book; otherwise, a layout specialist or a website designer.

Try web design sites that allow you to create a website for accepting applications for the "first time" for free or with minimal investment:

  • Tilda;
  • LPgenerator;
  • WIX;
  • uKit;
  • uCoz.

All services are convenient and useful. Choose what you like best in terms of interface, features, and price. The services also have pre-installed templates for website design.

If you are making a website at an agency, they will ask you to fill out a brief for the development of a landing page. Basically, there will be questions about the company, contact details, your vision of the design, a USP, and a description of the functionality of the site.


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