How can I earn the trust of landing page visitors?

29 Dec. 2022

When people get to the landing page of a company they don't know, even if they like the product or service or want to buy it, they will still have doubts.


Visitors don't trust you

And they have every right to do so. Here are just a few questions that the visitor asks:

  • Who are you anyway?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Have you existed for a long time?
  • Do you know how to do anything at all?

Imagine a situation: you want to build a country house. You bought a plot, legalized it, and the matter remained small enough for the choice of a construction company.

How will you choose a company? By what criteria? The most important thing for you will be:

  • guarantee for work and materials;
  • warranty period;
  • official contract;
  • the cost, so that it does not rise during the course of the work;
  • masters' qualifications and experience
  • portfolio and catalog of houses;
  • deadlines, and it is better that you pay a penalty for late deadlines.

In marketing, this is called "the main factors in making a purchase decision." As an example, consider what additional factors will be important to you when selecting a company:

  • reliability. It is determined by the number of years of work in the market;
  • full-time designer and development of a draft project;
  • availability of an architect;
  • free departure for measurements and making estimates;
  • assistance in the selection and purchase of materials;
  • cases of ready-made objects;
  • reviews of the quality of work and employees;
  • the opportunity to build a house according to your ready-made project;
  • free garbage collection.

As a visitor, you will search for the presence and mention of this information in the text on the site. It's simple: Use this sacred truth on your website.


Show the benefits on your landing page

It happens that the text is correctly placed on the first screen, but the necessary values for the user are not shown. It is much more important for him to find out the terms and guarantees than, for example, the number of employees and the area of the company.

We begin by outlining the incorrect writing style. The words "high quality" and "professional specialists" blinded everyone. When you list the benefits on the site, remember not to write

"The best professionals in their field" or "a wide range of services." These texts are incomprehensible and will not help you or your potential client in any way. There are no specifics here.

You need as many specifics as possible in order for the benefits to become more visible and the user to see value in them.

For example, "Craftsmen with at least 7 years of experience" or "236 lawn mowers are available to order online." See the difference?

The specifics in the texts should be highlighted, but it is better to reduce the texts by two and leave only their essence. So the benefits will be visible and immediately understandable, and your sales department will not have to close these objections by phone or at a meeting.

A visitor's trust is hard to build and easy to lose. And in the fight for trust, the use of the following elements on the page will help you:


A classic example: show the difference between your offer and the prices on the market. The effect of objectivity is ensured: people believe graphs and diagrams more than text.


A double-edged sword: one "unnatural" review written too "smoothly" or contradicting the information on the page can fundamentally destroy trust in you. Or vice versa — to attract people and remove objections in one moment.


The perfect tool in the fight for trust: "We are doing what you want, and we are not doing it for the first time," you say to your client, posting a report on an already completed project.

Rarer landing page elements that create trust:

  • star reviews;
  • expert reviews;
  • a video analysis of the product or service;
  • sign up for an online demonstration of KP;
  • independent expertise;
  • documents, certificates;
  • and even banking details.

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