How to write texts for your website

14 Dec. 2022

It is not difficult to write text for a website if you have specific knowledge and skills. The most important thing is to discover inspiration and have faith in yourself. It's also essential to let go of your own lofty goals and the notion of failure.

A short description of the principles for writing the text for the website

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

― Jodi Picoult

1. Even the clearest text is simply that: text

Why does that matter? There's no need to blindly think that with powerful readers, your sales will skyrocket and that with weak texts, your company will collapse.

No text can make a business succeed. Make sure your staff is polite, your team is professional, your stock is in the appropriate amount, and your product is customer-focused.


2. If you can show, then do not describe

This rule concerns the importance of illustrations. There is a chance to demonstrate; do not be afraid to do so!

3. Wrap the text nicely

Poor formatting can cause people not to want to read your text. Make it stylish and concise. Readers like to immediately understand what they are offered. Pay attention to the design of the text.

The principal value of the text is the content of information. The presentation style can be different, such as infographics, images, etc. Don't be afraid to use a variety of delivery methods.


When writing texts, avoid using the school-style approach. The writing should be succinct and clear, without extraneous detail or pretentious language. The reader on the other side of the screen should quickly become aware of what you are writing and quickly engage as well.

Totally believe that this technique partly simplifies the task

8 simple rules to write readable text

  • Form a goal. The goal is the basis of your test, which will allow you to understand what is superfluous and solve the tasks. Your writing should guide the reader toward the desired outcome. He needs to persuade the reader, for instance, to buy your product or employ your services. Try to see yourself in the shoes of a potential client.
  • Spontaneous thoughts on the topic can come in handy. Sometimes the ideas that suddenly come to mind can be beneficial. As if you were discussing something with a close friend, your text should be informal and inconspicuous.
  • Organize ideas. Highlight the main and the secondary. Break each idea into a separate paragraph.
  • Add details. Living details will make the text not only more informative but also vital.
  • Try to pick on yourself a little. Imagine that you are your competitor who asks you uncomfortable questions. Try to predict them by answering them right away in the text.
  • Fix the bugs. With modern services, it is very easy to achieve clear and error-free text. Use them.
  • It is important to subtract the text. Give yourself time to unwind and take your eyes off the text if you want to proofread it. To read it as though it were from someone else, email it to yourself first. Look at it with new eyes. If you want to give the text to a colleague or friend, remember that your text should not lose your style. Narrow your circle of reviewers.
  • Everything that can be illustrated should be illustrated. With this idea, everything is clear. A mix of visual and textual information is always a winning tandem.

Text wrapping

To make your text look concise and neat, use short and clear sentences. Shorten the text, and use action verbs, but do not neglect your individuality.

Use headings, subheadings, and stylish fonts to direct the reader's eye to the desired content. It certainly makes it easier to understand.

Use a bullet-pointed list to organize your text. Dots at the end of the list are not recommended as they obstruct text scanning.

Use links effectively. Use the link if you mention any information that includes one (be it an email address, a link in a social network, etc.) This will demonstrate your care for the reader and promote greater loyalty.


There is an opinion that the average reader spends half a minute on a webpage. Try to make the most of it for your purposes. Don't use tricks like want to know "click here". Appreciate the reader's time and insert a link to part of a sentence or phrase.

If you are unsure of yourself, you can always consult our Freelancers or perhaps even delegate the writing.

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