Influencer marketing from A to Z, Part 2: Influencer campaign

29 Nov. 2022

After determining your strategy in the previous article, you can now begin your search for the ideal influencer for your company. It should be based on how big your brand is and what is your target market. 

Influencer marketing campaign 1

Types of influencers: 

Social media influencers: people with a big fan base on Instagram, TikTok or another platform 

Specialists: experienced professionals in the sphere

Popular content creators: with a blog or a vlog

Faithful clients: those who can post feedback on your product on their social media  

Different brands: businesses that share your values and that aren’t your rivals. These are good options for a mutually profitable collaboration

Famous people: well-known individuals who may not be related to your brand but still can promote your product to their followers

Bear in mind your target market 

The most crucial factor to take into account, regardless of the type of influencer you select, is the audience you have in common. Choosing a social media celebrity whose followers have no connection to your brand is pointless. Look into famous influencers that share the same values as your company, faithful clients, or experts who are respected by your target market. These influencers will be most helpful while trying to reach the desired audience.  Surely, famous people have the power to create a stir, but they are also polarizing and super pricey.

Influencer marketing campaign 2

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.

- Mark Zuckerberg

Analyse influencers

If you are the one who reviews influencers, pay attention to other companies promoted by this person. 

Customers can see who accepts any offered marketing campaign, as opposed to those who genuinely adore the businesses they advocate for.  Therefore, if they post a lot of sponsored material, their followers’ engagement with those companies may be low.

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Influencer marketing campaign 3

It's essential to remember to take into account the influencer's interests, even if they seem irrelevant to your brand. Considering this information, you may discover unanticipated ways to connect your marketing campaign to even wider audiences. In addition, you may discover that they don't align with the concept of your brand (or even promote your rivals). A collaboration with such a person can not only fail but also harm your reputation. 

For instance, if you sell shoes and wish to promote or increase the visibility of your cruelty-free principles or a new vegan line of products, you may find it highly beneficial to collaborate with a popular vegan blogger. It will add more credibility to your brand campaign. Because the followers of the blogger would not believe that their favourite influencer would have accepted your offer if you liked leather or any other material that used to be part of an animal. This gives the campaign a more authentic and organic vibe.

Influencer marketing campaign 4

Additionally, be careful not to approach influencers that already support a rival business or one that is almost identical to your brand. Most probably, this influencer campaign will not help you reach the desired outcomes. Therefore, the perfect scenario is your company is the first of your sort that the chosen influencer promotes.

Taking into account these factors will benefit both you and your influencer. The influencer must be sure that their following will stay high and their reputation won’t be damaged. Nobody wants a harmful collaboration.

Contacting your influencer

Communication is key. When addressing the blogger for the first time, try to make the message personal. 

Before you get in touch with them directly, you might start by engaging with their material to help them recognize naturally how your business is related to their values. Show your appreciation for their material by leaving meaningful feedback under their posts.

Influencer marketing campaign 5

Convincing your influencer

Give specific details about your brand, your objectives, and the influencer campaign you are planning to undertake. You're more likely to reach an understanding if you explain why you find them the best match for the campaign and what they will gain. Mention them getting more followers, free services and products to try and, of course, a payment. Flattery is more powerful than you may think.

Just keep in mind that this approach should always feel natural and genuine. It should not be done overnight. But if you are certain that the influencer you have picked is the best fit for you, it will be worthwhile to put out the effort to make them feel special and chosen out of many available options for their outstanding personality and qualities.  

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